To those who have Black Ops and want the maps (in the future)

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    If this isn't allowed, close and delete the topic, but I thought it would be allowed because we have a gamesharing topic.

    The maps aren't out yet, but come in a month. Who really wants to pay $15 for content that's already on the disc?

    I believe the maximum amounts of download per DLC is 4. If I am wrong, correct me.

    I am looking for 3 other people to split the costs with me. It would be about $3.75/person. Or if it's 5 people, $3/person. If I buy it, I will be charged tax, which I'll pay for.

    I have MSN ( so we can discuss this as a group.

    We can work out details later but my theory was I'll create a new PSN account with a universal password for all of us. This is US only.