To my fellow owners of the Mayflash Wii CC to USB adapter.

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    May 3, 2010
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    Sorry to be a total nerdy dorky dorkwad and annoy you guys like this, buuuuut... I was wondering if I might be able to get y'all to jump in on something with me. Y'see, Interworks has this hybrid of the Wii Pro Controller and SNES controller (unfortunately since it's meant to be used as a substitute for the Wiimote and it has no plug, there is no way of using it with the Mayflash Adapter, it also does not actually work as a Wii U Pro controller, so kind of a misleading name choice on their part, but whatevz). Anyway, I'm trying to submit an idea to these guys and I could definitely use some back up from other Mayflash adapter owners (as well as fans of the original flat gamepads in general)... so please read the proposed idea on the link to their FB and leave a -comment- in support of this idea.

    Also, to any owners of the old wired model of the Mayflash adapter, the wireless one has been out for a while now. I've had it since Nov of 2011, and it's never given me any troubles and it works perfect imo. I never had any BSOD's, but then again, I also never installed the software discs, I just used Joy2Key. Cool thing about Joy2Key: profile chaining... I never have to get up to change emulators or roms.