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    trying to pretend design a game (for a class), so I wanted to go ahead and went with a beat em up game with rpg elements. Here a document but this idea was scrapped since my group members didnt like it... [​IMG]
    Tell me if you guys liked it or not. lol

    It is incomplete since it was scrapped so I never finished it.


    hm i dunno, anyone played "river city ransom" on nes? Im thinking of doing that kind of game. 2d beat em up with open ended crap. dialogue choices, i guess powers, etc.

    But thing is we cant do rpg, so does that mean we cant have rpg elements? like lvl up and buy equipment and stuff? So 2d beat em up with rpg elements. That sound pretty

    bad ass game. (kinda like action rpgs like castlevania)

    Game Name = ????

    Genre = Action rpg / 2d beat em up / side scroller

    Players = 2, going for a co-op experience

    Inspiration for game idea= Beat em up games, TMNT turtle in time SNES, Final Fight Snes, Yakuza PS2, Sunset Riders SNES

    Rating = T for Teen, no gore/blood, just animated violence


    Really fast action, able to combo on the ground , do launcher attack, then jump and continue combo mash in air. Combo with your friend for mega damage.

    Combo meter = Able to see how many hits you rack in a combo

    Good or Bad dialogue - each choice has it benefits or consequences

    Split Paths = New paths lead to different endings

    Boss fights = Each boss have their own unique moves, and personality, you might be able to recruit them if you say the right dialogue. Then they can be used as playable


    Setting/theme = Martial Arts Theme. Either high schoolers japanese gangster look or samurai/ninjas setting. Probably looking at the samurai/ninja approach.

    Players' moveset

    D-Pad = move character on the map, up left down right

    Square = weak attack, number of hits for combo depend on your character

    X = Jump

    O = initate super move, screen will flash your input buttons, do it in the right order and you will execute your super chain combo.

    Triangle = heavy attack, mainly your launcher atk

    L1 = Tag out and call out your other character. Can be used to chain longer combo.

    R1 = BLock

    Select =mini Inventory screen pops up (Doesnt pause the game so you have to be quick on using item)
    Start = pauses the game

    Special moves

    Dash = tap twice in a direction to dash up up dashes up, right right dashes right, etc

    Toss to the background wall = grab an enemy (moving close to an enemy), Square + triangle

    unique co-op puzzles

    1) Defuse bomb puzzle

    maybe player 1 has to defuse a bomb, DDR puzzle, player 2 has to beat up /fend off alot of enemies to protect player 1.

    2) Pass the torch

    Player 1 and Player 2 stuck in side by side jail cells. Hungry ghosts are starting to close in on you. And only way to kill them is pass the torch to each other and beat the crap out of them. Now the one that doesnt have the torch, has to run around the cell and avoid the ghosts until the other player can pass the torch.

    3)Double Push Down

    Player 1 and Player 2 stuck in a pit. And the walls are closing in and they will be squashed. So player 1 and 2 has to press against the wall long enough for the gears to break. There a stamina bar for each player. You can only press against the wall for a while and have to take breaks between the players. Massing button rapidly session.

    Timing is everything.

    4)Keeping the balance

    Player 1 is standing on top of a bamboo pole while player 2 is holding at the bottom. They fighitng another enemy pair doing the log thing Player 1 is only allowed to block or attack. Now Player 2 is allowed to move left to right keeping Player 1 balanced from falling over. He is also fighting the enemy holding the log using low kicks.

    Notes = Some Boss fights

    Some of the bosses will knock a player out so it will be 1v1. After a while then the boss will knock the current fighitng player out and the other player jumps back in.

    Extra different stages I had in mind

    An automatic side scrolling stage

    Player 1 and Player 2 chasing a boss on water. They just running on top of water. Player 1 and Player 2 has to dodge the bombs that the boss drops behind. Occasionally

    baddies jump out of the water and start to fight you. At the end of the level, I guess a boss fight --> insert boss idea here
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    I don't see where the RPG elements come into play - you didn't really explain this part. Also, are you doing this in any language, are you just using something like Game Maker?
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    So which game design wasn't scrapped?
    I'd say your concept is just a bit much to materialize in a class...

    Anyway, I wouldn't say it's got RPG elements just because you can level-up and stuff... How many beat'em ups already have it?
    It's been done 20 years ago in River City Ransom, Devil May Cry has it, God of War has it, Ninja Gaiden has it, and possibly many other games too...would you call any of these games an Action RPG?

    As for the rest, I'd say it doesn't suck, but it's kinda incomplete and lacks originality...apart from some minigames, it's all been done before...
    And hell, cross out the carrot thing, anyone who isn't a complete fool would know it's stolen from OoT...
    Cross out the whole "Automatic side scrolling stage idea #2" for that matter, it's like all 90's arcade gaming clich├ęs coming together in one level...
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    be more original, sucker

    Yes, my intention is a throw-away unproductive insult post. But don't toss out ideas unless they are original, sucker
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    That wasn't nice.
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    heh jackasses are everywhere. If you dont like what I wrote, then don't read it. It's that simple. I dont feel the need to go the extra step in insulting someone else.

    and i never played zelda oot so i wouldnt known if I stole that carrot idea.