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    meh i remember playing connect four (acctualy connect five) in my mathbook a few days ago lol acctualy it was my fun book which is a mathbook heh i got 2 one which i use for fun to mess around with diffrent stuff and my mathbook lol anyway whats Perfection and Trouble?
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    Well I've finished this so heres the breakdown

    Connect Four:bad port, ai is dumb as hell. Place 4 checkers in a row and win

    Perfection:You have alot of weird shapes and must turn them with the shoulder buttons and then place them where they fit. Its a race againist the clock and if time runs out they all fly out of the box.

    Trouble:its like sorry without cards and shortcuts. You get 4 pegs and have to walk around the board and get into your home squares. You can only let them out of your protected areas if you get a 6 which also acts as a roll again.
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    The board game was fun when I was little, but it was fun, cuase it was the real thing. Virtual versoins always seem to miss the whole clean up the pieces functions of the real thing. Wh do they always avoid adding that to the game?
    Its like those virtual card games, you get the cards, but you cant grab the deck and throw cards around and then pick em back up.
    Not very virtual without that [​IMG]

    But seroiusly, Im surprised the game doesnt have any multiplayer functions or even a multiboot function. Game is cheap anyway, but its not like thosee features are hard to make.