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    Solitaire? :wtf:
    Thought it was some weird kid game or something really colorful and stuff o-o.
    Hergs Solitaire is so much better, though smaller cards >.>
    Success always makes good little games like this, so I can already say its good [​IMG]
    Just solitaire o-o
    and the rules are in Japanese obvouisly, but I wonder if it really has any uncommon games in it anyway [​IMG]
    I hope it has good music.
    Not sure if I should take Tetris Advance off my cart for this, that Japanese Tetris is just plain fun o-o. Tetris worlds was disturbingly annnoying o-o.

    Anyway, this game looks worth a try.
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    Do someone knows a western name for this game?
    [​IMG] | [​IMG]

    The Gba game Card Party also haves it... I would like to know what it's called because I like that game ^^;