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    Oct 12, 2004
    One day i might play one of these
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    May 12, 2004
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    YES! YES! YES!
    YES! YES! YES!
    I've been waiting all my life for this game to come out!
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    Aug 16, 2004
    fuck it...fuck yugi-oh...

    i want a english naruto game.
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    ..Duel Monsters 10?
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    Feb 17, 2005
    anyone else having problems with flashing this thing in a pogoshell rom ? .. i have a F2A 256MB and flashed it in a Pogoshell (2.0 Beta 4) ..

    when you start it it just remains black.. [​IMG] i tried it out and had to find out that it's somehow the ygo rom that causes this. Anyone else having the same problem?
  7. Dragonlord

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    Sep 17, 2003
    question 1: is it any different than what's around already?
    question 2: does it not repeat after 5 minutes?
    question 3: ... where's the next paper-bin?
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    Beat the Japanese version. Towards the end when you reach the Shadow Realm the game gets so much better...but getting there's a pain in the ass.
  9. DeMoN

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    May 12, 2004
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    wait so there's actually a story to this game?
    Not like WCT2004, where you just duel?
  10. Gaisuto

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    Oct 27, 2002
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    Eh...not really...It uses the Expert Rules (real card game rules) but uses the RPG format of the previous two crappy games. It starts off dull as hell with the repetitive tournaments and weak choice of opponents, but after you reach the Shadow Realm is where all teh godo stuff happens...but RARE HUNTER IS CHEAP AS ****! GOD DAMN! He gets Exodia everytime on the 1st or 2nd turn...I'm not kidding [​IMG]
  11. deduce

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    Nov 11, 2002
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    Is the translation for this game better then the one that was included in the Japanese version or is it the same game boxed up in US packaging?

    Well onto the game. Unlike the previous tournment game, you actually move a character around and challenge other duelists. The dueling system has a new layout but it functions the same way the other games did. The ability to set the timing of trap or magic cards is the biggest improvement in this version. No more being asked to activate a trap card every step of the duel. A big drawback to this game is that it only has 1000 cards and is lacking some cards that some duelists need for their custom deck configurations.

    A list of the cards not in the game (Credit goes to CloudKillax on GameFAQs board):
    -Any Card from AST-FET
    -Obelisk the Tormentor
    -The Winged Dragon of Ra
    -Osiris the Sky Dragon
    -Spirit Reaper
    -Reaper on the Nighmare
    -Dark Flare Knight
    -Ryu Senshi
    -Dark Balter the Terrible
    -Fiend Skull Dragon
    -Injection Fairy Lily
    -Dramatic Rescue
    -Amazoness Spellcaster
    -Rite of Spirit
    -Magic Reflector
    -Amazoness Paladin
    -Amazoness Tiger
    -Amazoness Blowpiper
    -Amazoness Chainwielder
    -Amazoness Archers
    -Valkyrion the Magnet Warrior
    -Berserk Gorilla
    -Breaker the Magical Warrior
    -Butterfly Dagger - Elma
    -Magical Marionette
    -Royal Magical Library
    -Armor EXE
    -Apprentice Magician
    -Gather Your Mind
    -Megaton Magical Cannon (SP?)
    -Pitch-Black Power Stone
    -Skilled Dark Magician
    -Skilled White Magician
    -Dark Paladin
    -Blade Knight
    -Insect Queen
    -Spirit Reaper
    -Vampire Lord
    -Deck Destruction Virus of Death\Crush Card
    -Big Shield Guardna
    -Dark Sage
    -Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
    -Sword Hunter
    -Tornado Wall
    -Vengeful Bog Spirit
    -Backup Soldier
    -Solemn Judgment
    -Second Coin Toss
    -Beast of Gilfer
    -The Last Warrior from Another Planet
    -Lord of D.
    -The Flute of Summoning Dragon
    -Great Moth
    -Mirage of Nightmare
    -Drop Off
    -Masked Beast Des Guardius
    -Embodiment of Opopis
    -Dark Necrofear
    -Freed the Matchless General
    -Magic Arm-Shield
    -Lava Golem
    -Dark Ruler Ha Des
    -All the crappy commons that no one cares about

    If you're a YuGiOh fan you're probably already hunting this game down, but the repetition will turn off other gamers that are not fans of the card game.
  12. guardian_457

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    Aug 25, 2004
    aww man the 3 egyptians are not in the game that sucks hm... i might try it still thinking about it i'm kinda getting tired of yu-gi-oh i like to watch it though lol [​IMG]
  13. DeMoN

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    May 12, 2004
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    well those cards were taken out because they all have too many cmoplicated effects that the AI can't handle, make sense?
  14. Dirtie

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    Oh, yippee! Yahoo! Another Yugioh game! Just what I wanted!

    C'mon... It's not even translated properly. "I'm putting Pack in your basket." :/ I'm not even going to mention what I'm thinking.
  15. (Z)

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    Travel to different areas in Battle City as you challenge dozens of characters to duels and participate in tournaments.
    The more you play, the more cards you will collect.
    Create and edit up to 20 decks for different tournaments and playing styles.
    An additional 200 all-new cards make this extensive GBA Yu-Gi-Oh! game perfect for fans of all levels.

    Special Features >>>

    - More than 1,000 specially selected cards include both brand-new cards as well as classic favorites

    - Customize the animation speed and the activation timing of trap and spell cards

    - Choose from single duels or match duels

    - Exchange duelist points for new cards to strengthen your decks

    - Duel with dozens of unique characters in different locations

    - Set your own duel time limits of either 10 to 30 minutes or unlimited time for customized duels

    - Includes three limited edition Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

  16. skarthebloodchild

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    Jan 13, 2004
    never got into the yugioh games.[​IMG]
  17. Dragonlord

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    Sep 17, 2003
    is this another game where you only have a chance if you know the rules before or is there a tutorial included? i've seen a couple of games now comeing with the pre-requisite of knowing the show/rules or whatever without having the smallest tutorial in it.
  18. zatelli

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    I think a previous yu-gi-oh game had a built-in tutorial mode with practice concernin thse rules I think it was yu-gi-oh DM 5 or so (not quite sure).It was really fun,the one I enjoyed the most was The Eternal Duelist Soul : had all the Egyptian god card cards & duel were much more exciting
  19. ShadowXP

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Awesome game, I can't get enough of it. I would guess basic Yu-Gi-Oh! knowledge is needed but I used to play the card game alot so that's no problem for me. The only flaws I can find are that there's only 1000 cards, and that's made worse by the poor translation of cards and dialouge and the fact many good cards are missing/have been taken out.

    C'mon Konami, next time, you can surely make a cracker. [​IMG]
  20. berlinka

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    Jul 31, 2003
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    It may be fabulastic but it sure looks boring and dull. *little excerpt from Yo Ghu Rt : the battle through the buttons* Bwleeegh, I click on a little button and what happens? Another screen with lotsa text and several buttons (with off course Japanese text). And then when I click on another button, There's a screen swarming with buttons and all kinds of texts that you can click on and when clicking on them all kinds of text fields open up with scrollbars (because there is so much text you know) and then at the end of those texts all kinds of little leverlike thingies appear that you can switch on or off. And when you got the right combinations of the lever settings a HUUUGE map appears with all kinds of blinking text and a countless number of (you got it) BUTTONS! And whilst playing with all these amazing options and settings you constantly see all those Japanese manga figures with starlike haircuts talking to you and going like "bapbapbapbap...baaabapbapbaapbapbap!" while you hear "beepbeepbeepbeepbeep" instead of voices. And suddenly....there's emotion! The japanese figure's eyes tremble and suddenly a tear appears while he continues the beeping. You even get a little touched by this character that It's hard to focus on clicking at the end of every textbit but finally after 78 text fields of emotional monologue the character disappears and you can continue your battle through the buttons...