Tip: How big is your .sav file in size?

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  1. khan

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    Hi all, i am wondering how big are your .sav files that yu have on your cards in terms of KBs?

    Do you all just put the .sav which SC software outputs at 256KB?

    I use 8KB .sav and it works w/o any problem at the same time saving me
    248 KB just from a single .sav file.

    I will upload a .sav which is 8KB so you can all you use it on your games, you just have to copy the .sav as many times as you want and of course re-name according to your ROM name.


    If the link does not work, please recommend a site on which i might be able to upload this file.

    BTW I have SC Lite if that helps [​IMG]

  2. FAST6191

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    256Kb=2Mbit which is the size of the biggest save on the DS roms at the minute.
    There are of course Roms with smaller saves which may work, I suggest referencing a list of DS save sizes when trying this in the future.