ti83 emulated on the gba

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by superkrm, Jun 30, 2007.

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    I'll release an extremely early build just to get feedback.
    Yes, this is extremely early. Does not support sending programs to emulator, or savestates. Only emulates a TI83.

    How to use:
    * First append a TI83 rom image to the end of the .gba file, using something like copy /b ti83emu.gba + ti83.rom ti83emu_rom.gba
    SELECT: Toggle keyboard overlay
    Keys (keyboard visible)
    * Arrows: Move cursor
    * (right now cursor is not displayed over arrow keys, just move it away a few times)
    * A: Press that key
    * B: Quick Keys
    * Start: ENTER
    * L: Alpha
    * R: 2nd
    Quick Keys: (Hold down B while keyboard visible)
    * A: ENTER
    * Arrow Keys: Arrow Keys
    * (other keys same as keyboard visible)
    Fullscreen Keys:
    * Arrows: Arrows
    * A: 2nd
    * B: Alpha