Thoughts on PS0 (DS - Spoiler Alert)


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Dec 1, 2009
Well, that was the dumbest way to develop a story. In one of the missions, you find out that Newmans are afflicted with an all-powerful deity called Mother Trinity. At the end of that mission, typical anime drama - one of the supporting characters gives himself to the enemy and you are teleported to the new area -> the moon.

You are instantly surrounded by your enemies, and a single character does the whole distract and save thing. (That's not the part that gets me angry...that's coming up.)

And then you find out that the resistance leader (who just saved you) found an ancient item detailing what happened on Earth! She proceeds to tell you all about it, and sends you off to a new area.

Seriously, if you were a resistance leader, you would ask the people to prove themselves to you before giving potentially deadly information to them! Oh, and the fact that it looks like the resistance is tiny, like maybe 4 characters + the leader.

Also, you get tones of the Matrix from it. Mother Trinity is supposed to be an organic computer, like a CAST, but more powerful? Really silly. If you look at the relief carving that Sarissa mentions at the beginning, you'd notice the thing does look like a CAST. (eg. weird head shape, Power Ranger mouth) *Edit* Okay, it's similar to the Matrix in which all the organics fight back, but are royally screwed up. You find out that the Mother Trinity isn't nice at all (biological weapons, Photon Noise -- I guess it's like EMP screws with CAST's memories and electronics, and a Death Star ish laser). I don't know...there isn't a sense of hopelessness with Mother Trinity, just a sense of why the overkill?

I'm playing as a RAcaseal with a penchant for handguns (I'm using an upgraded Deo Pistol) for a weapon. I might switch over to an Octo Bazooka (are those stats random?) once I finish grinding my armor up.

Lol. I defeated Reyburn in one minute in the cable quest on normal. Was easy, just needed to dodge his fireballs.

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