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    With E3 having wrapped up, game companies tend to be fairly quiet in the aftermath of the giant gaming conference. However, we have a lot of news to still go through! Settle in, and let's see the latest in this week in gaming.

    Industry News

    Valve plans on creating a service to entirely replace SteamSpy

    With the new GDPR laws, Steam had to allow the ability for users to make their account private. Through that, SteamSpy lost the function to get a general idea of how many copies of a game had sold. Valve itself looks to be looking into their own form of a replacement, though, and will supposedly make a tool that can accurately gauge the number of copies sold for a game, and offer relevant information about certain games.

    Todd Howard says Fallout 76 won't have cross-play because of Sony's practices

    Bethesda's Todd Howard elaborated on Fallout 76 in a recent interview, where he talked about the game's features. Since 76 will rely heavily on online play, German game news site, GameStar, asked Howard if cross-play would be part of the game. The response was that Fallout 76 won't have cross-play at all, due to Sony's lack of willingness to work on offering cross-play. Howard was quoted as saying "We'd love to do that, but for now, it's not possible because Sony isn't as helpful as everyone would like them to be."

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    WB fights back over the Westworld-Fallout Shelter scandal

    Last month, we found out that Bethesda was pursuing a lawsuit against WB, over their Westworld game "definitively" using Bethesda's copyrighted data. WB has now responded to the matter, waiving it off as baseless accusations, and that Bethesda's case is unsubstantiated. Developer Behavior Interactive has stated that their code is fine, and WB is backing them up. This means we're likely to see Warner Bros. put up a fight in court against Bethesda and their claims.

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    Nintendo and Game Freak apply for some new trademarks

    Two new curious trademarks were made regarding the Pokemon franchise. Nintendo/Game Freak applied to trademark the terms Poke-Lun and Poke-Lun TV. It's not known if this is for a minigame, spinoff, or merchandise.

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    Konami restructures some of their game development staff

    Konami has made some changes and shaken up their game development teams. The company's first and third product divisions have changed CCO, directors, and managers, while promoting new workers and moving others. It's not really clear to those outside of Konami why these changes were made, but both divisions are in charge of creating games for console, PC, and mobile, meaning we might see some new games from the company in the future.

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    We Happy Few gets classification in Australia, allowed to be sold
    After an initial struggle with being refused classification earlier this year, We Happy Few's developers resubmitted a request for classification, and the Australian Classifications Board gave the game another chance. The ruling was announced, and it was revealed that the game will be sold, under a R18+ rating.

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    General News

    8Bitdo to release an updated version of its NES-styled controller


    8Bitdo's wireless NES controller is a popular third party accessory, and it appears that the company has made a new version of the controller, which offers two new face buttons, and a home button as well. It'll retail for $24.99, and Amazon says it'll ship on August 20.

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    Nintendo claims it's cracking down on those who hack their Switch to show unauthorized images in online games

    With the advances made in the Switch scene, it would naturally lead to some users finding a way to troll others. One of which, was abusing the new ability to make custom images for Switch account avatars. A small few have changed their avatar to have perverted or NSFW content. Nintendo isn't too happy, obviously, and they've made an official statement regarding this issue:

    Canada gets permanent $20 price drop on Switch systems

    Nintendo of Canada, without warning, has lowered the price of the Nintendo Switch in that region. All regularly priced CDN $399.99 bundles for the Switch have dropped in price by $20, with most local retailers having already changed their prices to reflect this. The MSRP for a regular Switch in Canada is now CDN $379.99.

    Xbox Games With Gold: July

    Assasult Android Cactus (XB1), Death Squared (XB1), Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction (360), Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (360)

    PS+ Games for July

    Heavy Rain (PS4), Absolver (PS4), Rayman 3 HD (PS3), Deception IV (PS3), Space Overlords (PSV), Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PSV)

    Agony Unrated version cancelled, studio struggling financially

    Madmind, the development team behind Agony, a game that released earlier this year, had planned to create and release an uncensored patch for Agony. However, it appears that will never come to fruition. Madmind Studios is under duress due to financial problems, says a press release from the company, and that Agony's originally intended version will not be released to the public. Them releasing the patch would also potentially lead to legal issues, as the content would draw ire towards them and could spark a lawsuit. Supposedly, the patch would have only restored slight amounts of altered cutscenes and affect some of the endings to the game, but were originally removed at release as they would have made the game's rating be AO instead of M.

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    New GDPR ruling lets you turn off data usage sharing/telemetry for your Switch

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    Nintendo will continue making amiibo for Smash Bros. Ultimate

    With all the new (and old) characters that are slated for the upcoming Smash game, fans have been wondering if the returning and new fighters would be getting amiibo figures, just like how the previous Smash roster did. Nintendo of Japan responded by telling fans to stay tuned, and then updating their site to state that more Smash amiibo are on the way, soon.

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    Parents and media point blame at Doki Doki Literature Club for a teen's suicide

    When 15 year old Ben Walmsley committed suicide, his father, Darren Walmsley spoke out, saying he believes something about the free to play game Doki Doki Literature Club had a part in why his son took his own life. Afterwards, a mother of another boy who committed suicide also stated that they feel something about the game was responsible for her son's suicide. Media sites blew up the headline in various ways, claiming that the game is dangerous to young children. Suicide is a topic within the game, though its never romanticized in a way to make the action appealing to those playing the game. The inspector of the Manchester Police Dept went on record to say that he believes the game is a risk to younger, impressionable teens, and that it could be dangerous to those who have existing depression or other mental illnesses.

    Hollow Knight sells over 250,000 copies in its first two weeks of sale

    Despite a delay in releasing on the console, Hollow Knight released on the Switch during the week of E3. And it looks like Switch owners were exceptionally excited for the metroidvania title, as it managed to sell 250 thousand copies within the first two weeks that the game launched. Team Cherry is currently working on a new patch for the game to fix some of the bugs found in the Switch version. By comparison, in November of last year, the game was only at 500,000 copies sold, meaning the Switch sold half that amount in a very short time.

    Emulation/Hacking News/Fan Projects

    Ori and the Blind Forest Co-op mod

    There's currently a fan made mod being made for Ori and the Blind Forest, which once completed, will allow for a coop experience in the normally single-player only game. As it stands, creator Cruze Bear says the mod is very early on, and there's a lot to be done yet. A teaser video showing his work so far was uploaded, though it's stated that this might not wind up as the end result.

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    VBA-M updated to 2.1.0

    The previous version of Visual Boy Advance-M had some security issues, which you can read in more detail here. The emulator has now been updated and has fixed the outstanding issue.

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    THUGpro updated to new version
    For those who miss playing Tony Hawk's skateboarding games, there's a mod out there for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on PC, which combines the gameplay from that title, along with the maps, music, and characters from nearly every other Tony Hawk game, and online multiplayer which creates a fan-made definitive experience of the series. This new update of the mod has added new characters, as well as new stages and hundreds of other bugfixes. You can check the full changelog below.

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    Fan attempts to remake P.T. on PC

    People still haven't gotten over the demo for Kojima's Silent Hills idea, and years after it was removed entirely off PSN, a 17 year old fan has stepped up to the plate, to immortalize the game. Qimsar, who is entirely new to game development, is working on remaking P.T. on PC. He believes in preserving the game, and said even if Konami or another company tries to take it down, he'll keep working on it and secretly distributing it.

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    Game and Localization Announcement News

    Nidhogg 2 to get an Xbox One release

    Though already on PC and PS4, Xbox fans can soon get their hands on Nidhogg 2, when it launches this month on July 19.

    XSEED to publish another Touhou game for PC

    Localization studio XSEED will be bringing the once PS4-only Touhou Scarlet Curiosity to the PC platform. It'll have 4K support, as well as a brand new difficulty option. The game will launch for $14.99 on July 11.

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    Devolver Digital to bring Broforce to the Switch

    In a rather quiet and abnormal way, Devolver Digital let slip the existence of a Broforce Switch port. When asked if the game would one day get ported, their response was "en route".

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    Ys: Memory of Celceta releases on PC July 25

    Touhou isn't the only game getting the PC treatment: another Ys game is headed to Windows. This one won't be handled by NIS America, but XSEED instead, and will arrive on the platform on July 25 and will cost $24.99.

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    Movies/TV in Gaming News

    RUMOR: Jim Carrey in talks to play Robotnik/Eggman in the upcoming Sonic movie

    Movie and media centered site, Deadline, claims that famous actor Jim Carrey is vying to play the role of Robotnik in the upcoming Sonic film. Carrey is known his over the top acting, and regardless of acting ability, is a fairly notable actor to be interested in playing a part of a video game movie. The Sonic movie is planned for a late 2019 release.

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    Review Recap

    Official Reviews:

    Snakebyte Game:Chair
    Rainbow Skies
    Paranautical Activity
    Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
    SX OS - Dongle Update

    User Reviews:

    Ratchet and Clank
    Age of Rivals
    SX OS
    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon


    Little Dragon's Cafe - First Look

    Adult Swim reveals Pool Panic

    Super Meat Boy Forever SGDQ Trailer

    Dev Diary: Control

    Release Calendar

    July 3
    Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-tered Edition (PS4, XB1, PC)
    July 10
    Shining Resonance: Refrain (PS4, XB1, PC, NS)
    20XX (PS4, XB1, NS)
    July 11
    Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity (PC)
    July 13
    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (3DS, NS)
    Octopath Traveler (NS)
    July 17
    Sonic Mania Plus (PS4, XB1, PC, NS)
    July 24
    Mega Man X Legacy Collection (PS4, XB1, PC, NS)
    No Man's Sky (XB1)
    Banner Saga 3 (PS4, XB1, PC, NS)
    July 25
    Ys: Memories of Celceta (PC)
    July 31
    Titan Quest (NS)
    Code of Princess EX (NS)
    August 1
    Yakuza 0 (PC)
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    ps4 hacking is real thing now, are people still not able to dump P.T. demo into pkg?

    and is Fallout 76's crossplay supported on PC-x1?
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    Thanks for the news, but also adding user submit reviews. I think it's a nice way for more people to see it since it doesn't get the best attention :)

    Though I'm kinda thinking what Konami has planned. Trying to get back into making stuff people want like Gradius, Contra, Adventure Island? It already seems challenging to get back on the consumer's side. :ninja:

    That Ys game, I thought they would make it for Switch but I guess we might end up waiting longer. Kinda Wish falcom would make a new Popful Mail game.

    This sounds like it's worth playing but wonder why pick this game, is it better than the 4th one? :blink:

    I'm surprised you didn't add the news about PQube cancelling Omega Labyrinth Z even though you mention We Happy Few. :P
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    They're saying no crossplay at all because of the lost user base from PS4, but they could just be hiding behind that fact and never wanted cross play to begin with.
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    You should add WarioWare Gold to the Release Calendar
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    Just want to point out this game too for anyone with a switch, Chary didn't add this to the list. :ninja:

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    Wow... that P.T. remake looks amazing. It's a shame that not everyone was able to download the game. My brother said he is still kicking himself for not downloading it. Maybe now he can finally get the chance to play it.
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    AT LEAST Agony's devs tried to bring something new instead like other companies still holding on old franchise for decades, hope SCORN's devs won't have same financial issues like Agony's...