This is too funny!

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  1. lechilka26

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    Aug 27, 2006
    Excuse me for offtop, it too funny, haha! [​IMG]

    Why it is good to be a man?

    1. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview.
    2. Your orgasms are real. Always.
    3. Your last name stays put.
    4. The garage is all yours.
    5. Wedding plans take care of themselves.
    6. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid.
    7. Car mechanics tell you the truth.
    8. You don't give a rat's ass if someone notices your new haircut.
    9. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area.
    10. Same work .. more pay.
    11. Wrinkles-add character.
    12. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments.
    13. Wedding Dress $2000; Tux rental $100.
    14. If you retain water, it's in a canteen.
    15. People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them.
    16. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
    17. One mood, ALL the damn time.
    18. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds.
    19. A five-day vacation requires only 1 suitcase.
    20. You can open all your own jars.
    26. You can quietly watch a game with your buddy for hours without ever thinking "He must be mad at me.".
    27. No maxi-pads.
    28. If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you just might become lifelong friends.
    29. You are not expected to know the names of more than five colors.
    30. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt.
    31. You are unable to see wrinkles in clothes.
    32. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.
    33. Your belly usually hides your big hips.

    isn't it aholy truth [​IMG])?
  2. coolitom

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    Aug 6, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    lol you made an account just to post this?
  3. tshu

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    Sep 21, 2005
    pfft. says who? I do that all the time. owait ya I don't leave the room though. ya got me there. :'(

    oh and btw, the periods in his post have links to some pretty odd places...... i feel like buyins some viagara for some reason now. wtf.
  4. science

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    Jun 9, 2006
    lol I was wondering why the periods were underlined .
  5. salv

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Kitchener Ontario
    haha agreeable i guess. welcome to gbatemp.
  6. Gaisuto

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    Oct 27, 2002
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    Those periods are traps...they must be...
  7. .TakaM

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    Oct 8, 2004
    New Zealand
    something tells me lechilka26 is a bot...
  8. jumpman17

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    Apr 11, 2003
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    Removed all the hidden spam links.
  9. Orc

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    Feb 10, 2006
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    Wow nice, forum spam bots even here. Those links have spyware too.
    Just Google "Excuse me for offtop, it too funny, haha!" and you'll see alot of forums invaded by these things.
  10. KeYbLaDeXaLcHeMi

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    Nov 20, 2005
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    Aww, I was expecting something funny.
  11. jumpman17

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    Apr 11, 2003
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    Google also shows that lechilka26 is the same member name that all the other forums show as the poster for this same message. Account suspended.
  12. Dirtie

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    Sep 9, 2003
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    Well it was still somewhat funny, I know I could relate to it [​IMG]
  13. Kyoji

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    Apr 15, 2003
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    I was offended [​IMG]
  14. Heinrisch

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    Jun 27, 2006
    Welcome and good buy.. ehm bye.. [​IMG]