This game sucks. Change my mind.


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Jul 30, 2016
This thread is for people who genuinely tried to have fun with a game but don´t see the appeal other gamers see in it.
It can refer to games (or series of games).

Let me begin:
Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii)

I sunk a lot of hours into this game a decade ago. I made progress in some dungeons, build a barn and have lots of monsters to help me with farm work, except... they don´t. I have to brush them many times and feed them in order to work for me. I have not managed to do this and gave up about a decade ago. I revisited the game just now: Some monsters are ready to work but their food takes forever to grow... large parts of the harvest has withered. It seems to be more work to "employ" workers than to do the work yourself. Large rocks are annoying and I use a lot of my daily stamina to train my rock smashing skills in the hopes of demolishing them one day... but it doesn´t happen (I can chop wood stumps though). Is it even possible to have the farm be run by the monsters with little effort by the player? Dungeon progression is also slow and tedious if you want to grow crops within them. Too bad, I really like the atmosphere and presentation of the game.

Edit: I have continued playing nonetheless. The barn system is not that bad if you have a steady supply of fodder (although even watering is quite limited... I thought one animal take care of all of it). The worst part of the game is definitely the runey system... my god! I have decided to just make it a fishing game with RPG elements after two ingame years of caring for this annoying system.
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