This Chiropractic Paper is making me mad...

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    I get out of High School tomorrow. That is why I haven't been here much recently. For me to graduate, I have to pass this class (Anatomy.) I never was that great of a student. The Senior Final for the four or five of us in there was to write an essay paper saying how a career we're given relates to the seven chapter's we've gone over:

    The Human Body: An Orientation
    Basic Chemistry
    Cells and Tissues
    Skin and Body Membranes
    The Skeletal System
    The Muscular System
    The Nervous System

    And I got stuck with the bull**** Chiropractor. All of yesterday, all of today, I have been searching for information. Every freaking site I go to tells nothing at all, and I don't know anything about the damn occupation myself. I managed to do Human Body, Skin, and Muscular System. The Nervous System, which should be the last one, will be easy because that's what every damn page is on.

    The damn Chiropractors have nothing to do with Chemistry or Cells though, and all the damn information I can find for the "Skeletal System" just refers to the friggin spine and then goes straight to the Nervous System. I'm suppose to have a paragraph but there's so few information I can barely pull off two sentences.

    If someone, anyone will help me find some good information I can use for this final...please, someone who has nothing better to do and is good at finding information, please help me...I can't graduate unless I get this done...
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    Not trying to be a c**k, but the library's probably better than the internet for stuff like this