Thinking of upgrading to n3ds; emulator performance? (also sys transfer)

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    Jan 12, 2015
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    I'm going to MAGFest in a few days and I'm thinking of getting a N3DS while I'm there (if I can find one <=10.3), and I'm wondering how retroarch pocketsnes (cia version) performs on SA-1 games, particularly Kirby 3, Super Star and VLDC 2015 (Super Mario World hack with SA-1 patch; IPS available on )

    Do these run full speed? If so, does Yoshi's Island?

    (also, will doing an emunand>emunand system transfer work just doing it the normal way? want to have a copy of o3ds emunand on another card in the o3ds and the original sd in the n3ds; can I do that and have it just pick up the data that's already there? it's a MicroSD so that won't be an issue)