Think I bricked my N-Card or something!!! URGENT!!

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    I HATE the N-Card. My younger brother has one, and he always begs for the newest game and stuff. The problem is, the n-card works with only about 75% of old games. The other games like Legend of Zelda, Transformers, Lego Indiana Jones, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles... etc. He is the most annoying thing, and if I could just shut him up by getting him the games he wants, I would love it. I have tried to update the firmware and stuff to 2.53 menu, but it didn't do anything. My other brother and I own R4 clones, and they work perfectly.

    However, this is not the major issue. Usually, I use a windows computer, but when my annoying brother wanted a game at someone elses house, I used a mac. However, I took out the usb cable afterward, and tried to play the game, but it didn't work. When I plugged the n-card back in, half of the files were gone, and all of the games and saves dissapeared. Worst of all, the n-card doesn't work anymore, and the menu doesn't boot. HELP!!! How do I fix it??

    If you don't know how to, can you recommend the best non-n card clone flashcard?? I was thinking about the dstt flash card, except when I looked at the price...

    THANK YOU!!!!!
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    What's with the multiple threads ??

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    stop spamming the same therad =/ !

    Using MAC/Linux with N-Card&Clones damages the files on the card.

    [If possible, try to backup all left savefiles that can be still accessed, during this process you'll format the card]
    Hopefully should help:
    - Insert the card into a DS
    - Hold L+R+Select+START+UP
    - Start the DS holding those buttons
    - Now there should be a screen telling you that the card is formating
    - WAIT! dont turn of the DS or it could finaly distroy the card

    - After formating copy the xmenu.dat of the firmare you installed to the card
    !! dont backup the xmenu.dat you have on the card atm! the file could be damaged, so it could cause problems if you use it again !!
    so download the firmware archive again simply for the xmenu.dat