There's a few things that I can't seem to find anywhere?

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    Hi, this is my first post here..I'm using this as my introduction topic as well as a help topic because i think it'd be a little redundant if I opened two separate topics within the first five minutes that i'm here [​IMG]

    Soo, i'll go ahead and give you an overview of me for anyone who cares ^-^
    First off, I'm not new to console modding at all, I started modding with my Fat PS2 (fliptop+Swap magic)..Then my second mod was a DMS4 Pro on my PS2 slim. Afterwards I modded my DS, then Softmodded+Casemodded my two PSPs.

    I started building websites when I was thirteen, and i've built ~11 since (I'm 18 now, 19 in august). Four of them were major custom PHP sites that took me a great deal of time and work. After I learned HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & ASP, I started learning C++.. Unfortunately work and my lack of motivation has really held me back on that.

    I don't generally sign up for forum sites, but when I do I'm pretty dedicated. I decided to sign up for this one because Afterdawn doesn't really seem to have a helpful community and here does :]

    I got my Wii four days ago for $40.. However I do not consider myself a noob at all at this point. I've done a great deal of research, and my Wii is completely modded with several games and applications..I have a very good understanding of how it works and the differences between other consoles. I've also went through a lot of frustration, I definitely consider myself to be a pro with DVDDump, considering how much hell i went through to get it to dump to my FAT32 16gb USB drive.

    Anyways, enough about me..onto the topic at hand :x

    There seems to be a huge difference between the modding the Wii, and other consoles. This was the first thing i noticed. Most consoles, the moment you find an exploit, you're capable of playing backed up games..but in the Wii's case, you have to install a separate series of files to make backups run. The firmware being on-disk, is also incredibly weird. There's not half as much info available on-hand about the wii as there is about other consoles, and sometimes it's incredibly frustrating finding information about certain files..Which brings me to my first question;

    -Is there somewhere that has a directory of what Wii Games have what firmware installed on them?

    This one is really important to me^..I specifically need one with v3.3u and v4.0 on it.

    Another bothersome thing is the seemingly lack of developer tools? I might just be looking in the wrong places, but I can't find any developer tools >_
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    Welcome aboard, I'm new myself. For your first question on disc updates, you can find a list Here. I don't know how complete it is but its the only one I know of.

    On changing system menu themes and health screens, there is kind of a whole subscene for that. Check out IceFire's site:

    There is a way to install .dols as channels, but I've never messed around with this. The site above has the application to do this, support forums, etc.

    On Firmware 4.0: I don't think anyone knows exactly what's up with this update yet. At the time of this writing there are at least 2 (maybe 3?) upgrade guides on gbatemp, and mixed reports of success with the various methods. There are a few reports of bricks also- mostly with the Waninkoko Upgrader and Japanese consoles - though I've seen some people with NTSC-U consoles having brick issues too. Summed up: my advice is to wait until the mess is a little more sorted out before you try any approach to upgrading to 4.0.

    .ELF files are outdated as of the current HBC version. You can try converting the ELFs to DOLs using a utility called, shockingly enough, "ELF to DOL converter". You can find it Here.

    To find out what IOSes and so on that you have installed, use an app called "Title Lister". Get it from

    (In case you haven't caught on by now - is your friend)

    To remove IOSes, you can use AnyTitleDeleter. It's available from wiibrew also. Note that ATD shouldn't be used to remove things if you don't know exactly what you are doing / deleteing.

    Hopefully this post has answered some of your questions satisfactorily. It should at least get you pointed in the right direction for learning more. Have fun!
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    Your 1st address for more information about the Wii internals:

    Take a look at this:

    .dols can't be installed. But .dols can be injected into channels which can be installed. (I'm sure that's what you wanted and a lot of people do) Beware, if you install a self created channel, you have a chance to brick your Wii. If that channel is not working properly, the Wii menu crashes. That's what stafall and preloader are good for, and why everybody is at 3.2 firmware. (Install only either starfall OR preloader)

    If you are a coder and want to write some hacking stuff, you may want to visit the SoftChip irc channel:
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    Thank you guys very much =]]

    Especially for that site; ..That's extremely helpful.

    [edit]..Haha that site doesn't list any firmwares above v3.4u.

    I had read about AnytitleDeleter, it was one of the first things i've seen on Wiibrew..I guess I just didn't understand what it did at the time, haha. Thanks for letting me know :]

    Do you guys have a suggested application/tutorial for injecting .DOLs into channels (im guessing .WAD files)?

    Then on the programming perspective, have you heard of any programs that will unpack .APP files?
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