Themes Working .ctf for 3.55 Vita Compatibility List

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    "cxmb.prx" plugin from TNV6 works on TNV11, (must use cxmb folder with cxmb.prx, in root of memory card, with vsh entry "ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1" ............... must use 6.60 themes, but not all themes works, so here's a working list of themes that do, no download links just google it!

    Working (6.60 Themes)
    allure.660.ctf (looks ok)
    bakemonogatari_660.ctf (small annoying fonts)
    Chulian.660.ctf (small fonts, annoying colors)
    Clannad.660.v2.ctf (Animated - small fonts - look ok)
    colorful.6.60.ctf (some over lapping text in "settings menu" scroll)
    CustomXMBwhite.660.ctf (looks plain)
    DEARDROPS2_660.ctf (fonts are white, hard to see)
    DNF.660.ctf (small fonts)
    Elfen_Lied.660.ctf (bad font colors, hard to see, some text half out of screen)
    euphoria.660.ctf (small fonts)
    god eater.660.ctf (Animated)
    GoldenWitch_660.ctf (Animated, looks good)
    kara_no_kyoukai_660.ctf (Animated, looks good)
    k-on!!.grid.660.ctf (Animated, looks good)
    littlebigplanet.dynamic.660.ctf (Animated, White Fonts Hard to See)
    loli_t.660.ctf (Animated, Really Nice)
    Lucky_Star_660.ctf (Animated, small text hard to see) (Animated, looks good, despite having small fonts)
    mhp3rd.660.ctf (looks plain)
    modern_pro.ctf (small fonts hard to see)
    Nichijou_660.ctf (Animated, looks ugly)
    organ_v3.660.ctf (small fonts)
    picnix_mix_660.ctf (Animated, small fonts hard to see white text)
    PS3.theme.6.60.ctf (looks plain)
    sao660.ctf (looks ok)
    SAO CTF 660 (NEW).ctf (looks ok)
    Steins.Gate.660.ctf (Animated, Looks Good, despite having a large grey box for time)
    StratosTheme.R3.660 Fix.ctf (Animated, Looks Good)
    Taiko_Drum_Master.660.ctf (Looks Ugly, white text, clumsy controls)
    the_3rd_birthday.ex 6.60 V2.ctf (Animated, Really Nice)
    triforce.660-2.ctf (Looks ok)
    Xblades.660.ctf (Animated, Looks Good, despite having some hard to see white text)
    zetsubo.660.ctf (Animated, white text and white background hard to see)

    Not Working (6.60) (or not working properly)

    Blue_Flame.660 Fix.ctf (freezes on startup, when first run then appears to work fine) (freezes on startup) (menu is not right size)
    P3T660v1.0.ctf (freezes on startup)
    Sony.Mod.660.ctf (freezes on startup)
    Yuki_Snow_660.ctf (freezes on startup)
    Zimiao.660.ctf (freezes on startup)

    (Older Themes Tested ?)
    Graffiti XMB v2[CTF] (.ctf version 2) (very plain looking)
    Mute Remix v3 Colored (.ctf version 3) (very plain looking)

    (Tested on PSTV VITA, results should be identical to PS VITA ... everytime it freezes or crashes TNV for incompatible theme, I have to go through ARK and delete the "conf.txt" file in the cxmb folder, (temporary file in "flash/vsh/theme", deleted also after theme freezes or fails) ... ... I'm using VITA FTP to transfer the files to the VITA from my pc. (with vita connected to network adaptor which is connected to pc and router, nothing complicated, with just the address shown on VITA FTP entered in on "WS_FTP Pro" (Flash FTP is also good))

    (the eth***s made me bleed from my p**is around 7:50 est, less than half a pint of blood, as a result of this discussion, not bad, I did found I could use "survival blanket/aluminum blanket" to stop the verichip from working when I'm at home (intermitten and long night time usage for blood clots), but right now, I need all levels of force until we pass 5/4/2016-5/7/2016. well, you need to understand the level of these people, and any illustration of suffering or weakness is a motivation, just mentioning this openly, as I intend to do on a much larger scale, unless the level of force is maintained, so that keep this discussion in mind, and keep these people on the attack, all their kinds) (back to topic, I have some 5.00 m33-6 themes, that look good unanimated, I don't think they will work though, I think I test one that failed already, worth a try, will indicate name and version of a few attempts ............. listen I just stopped bleeding, so you need to repeat what you've done to me)

    "6.60_Themes_Pack" (not a real name of any release), not releasing any of aforementioned files but I did find this website , no illegal files or wares there, but they do have some themes I will test out, since the best one for the Vita TNV-11 is there "3rd Birthday" that works and looks great. (themes for 5.50 don't work, my advise, don't do anything fancy like the .ptf themes with plugins and stuff, because it won't work, the stuff I tested here won't damage anything)
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