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    Microphones are bundled, not sure is they are compatible with Lips and other mic games for the 360. Dual mic bundles are being offered

    For the fortunate among you the X factor is a talent show with all the the term TV talent show has come to mean. Full track list in the NFO section
    Product features as seen on amazon
    * Begin your journey to stardom by competing in the famous:
    * 1. Auditions: X-Cruciating!!
    * 2. Boot Camp: X-Treme!
    * 3. Judges’ Home Visits: X-Posed
    * 4. Live Shows: X-Ceptional
    * Perform in groups or on your own and face the judges!
    * Sing with your friends and family in party mode
    * 28 tracks from famous artists including Lady Gaga, U2, Pixie Lott and more...

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    NFO to be added shortly
    NFO and tracklist