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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by pianko, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. pianko

    pianko Banned

    Mar 13, 2008



    During Last October, we recieved a mail from a team called "wasabi" who declared d2c system can be modded with 5 wires with their chip.
    They provided such interesting data as below


    We all thought it was bullshit, cuz in that time, the only solution is 30 wires D2CKey.

    Few months passed, they correct some codes and need more wires, increase some new feature.

    Now, they annouce official launching with their chips, WASABI.

    We are pleased to get first Wasabi in Chinese Area, we also know a lot of people eager to know more about this chip.

    Therefore, we sit up late for this world's first review of wasabi for you!


    Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube original, import, and backup discs
    Supports all chipset versions: DMS, D2A, D2B and D2C (including D1A)
    Supports all regions, configurable via jumpers
    Fully upgradable from DVD (no external programmer required)
    Only 5 wires on DMS, D2A, D2B
    Only 9 wires on D2C (only 3 of them soldered to pin/via)
    Very easy installation on "cut-pin" drives
    On-board flash (128KB)
    Integrated Audiostreaming fix for GC games
    Excellent media compatibility (supports DL media)
    Works with SMG and SSBB
    Flash recovery mode
    Two LED for easy installation troubleshooting
    Full firmware control even on D2C chipset
    Drivecode symmetry between all chipset versions
    Compatible with all GC and Wii homebrew programs
    No extra wires required for region override
    No external switch required



    Chips are shipped in an antistatic bag, also used with ACTEL chips which is assure quality.
    Compared with other D2C chips, it has 128K SPI flash from SST. And the golden pads are
    also clear, PCB's has multiple layers and is solid as a rock.




    We spent 3 minites to open the new console, in our expectation, it is D2C chipsets.

    The first time install process took only 10 minites, very simple.

    You only need to solder 3 wires on the pins of D2C chip, but we suggest u should be skilled to to this job.

    Things you should be ware are don't make the wires which soldered on the pins "SHORT",

    and power wires (3V3 and GND) better be shorter than 1 inch (2.5cm) to minimize noise, or use double wires like we did.

    Status LED


    Like other high priced modchips, wasabi has LEDs on itself, too.

    After we were done with install work, we started to test the LED.

    When we put DVD inside the console, the LED flashed red one second, and turned solid green after.

    And we put the disc into wii, it can be recognized...Worked like a charm.~~

    Besides, we did wrong solder points on purpose to check the LED fuction.

    The LED is only solid red, and can't be put any disc into the console...

    So it might be convenient for installers to check the installation.


    Update Function

    There is no update firmware for testing this function.


    Wasabi??Wii????????? ??D2CKey?D2Pro ???????????????
    ?????????????? ????????????????.. ??????GCOS?
    ???????. ?GC?? ????????????? ??????? ????????

    ?AFA????10??DVD-R?? ??16X?? Wii Sports???????
    ????????ARGON 1.8???????!

    ????????????????????? ??????
    ?????X ??"?"??????????, ???????D2CKEY,
    D2Pro?ARGON?? ?????????????....
    ?? ???????? ???Wiikey?? ?????? ??????Lag...
    ?????5? ????????????..

    Below for software testing

    Wii Sports (US) ---> OK
    Wii Fit (JAP) ---> OK
    SMG (JAP) ---> OK
    SSBB (JAP) ---> OK
    GC IKARUGA (JAP) ---> OK
    GC Mario Baseball (JAP) ---> OK
    GCOS ---> OK

    below for media testing.

    Ritek -R 16X ---> OK
    Verbatim +R D9 2.4 ---> OK
    Afa -R 16X ---> OK
    SONY +R ---> OK



    wasabi?????? ???????????? ???????? ????
    ? ???????????, ????D2C??? ??????DVD????
    ?????, ???????, D2CKEY D2Pro ?ARGON1.8???????
    patch????????, ?wasabi???????DVD?????????????
    ????????. ??????????????...??????


    Support all region Wii
    Support all model chipsets for now, including the newest D2C D1A D1
    Only need 5~10 wires
    Boot backup disc
    Updatable via DVD
    Great media compatibility
    DVD9 compatible
    Very high quality
    Simple installation
    No need to set layer break for SSBB


    High price
    Don't know about dvd update function
    Can't see led status when wii is assembled.


    wasabi official website
    The worlds first review of wasabi from Pianko
  2. OzModChips

    OzModChips GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 4, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    Lol - Sounds familiar

    From our product page

  3. Tragedies

    Tragedies GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 31, 2007
    Looks like a good chip. So now its D2Pro, Argon and this that offer similar features? O.o
  4. Lumstar

    Lumstar Princess

    Mar 6, 2006
    United States
    This better run Tales of Symphonia. What's the US price? I haven't heard of a dealer here selling them yet.
  5. pianko

    pianko Banned

    Mar 13, 2008
    Yeah... we have almost the same feeling about wasabi...[​IMG]

    It's great for D2C users to use wasabi because we don't have to set up a specific layer break in IMGBURN for SSBB!

    Great feature!!!!!!!!
  6. pianko

    pianko Banned

    Mar 13, 2008
    We offer wasabi worldwide shipping now!

    please check my chinese blog.

    You may get my email on my site, and order [​IMG]
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