1. Skye07

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    Dec 24, 2006
    Hey all,

    So I decided to play the world ends with you, it worked just fine, I played up to the part of the concert stage, I went to bed, loaded the game today day, decided to play some more, I saved like 10+ times and I come by the part of the shark, I die and guess what.. instead of hopping back to the last time I saved it suddenly doesn't remember those and jumps back to where I started today... that's over an hour lost. So I thought, let's give this a try before playing again and so I walked off to another area and saved there, shut down my DS and booted it again and it didn't save it! Again, I was at the stage...

    I got an R4 (about 13 months old, a JP Kingston microSD 1GB) and a DS Phat, never had any problems with any game (neither lockups, or save related issues). Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?


    I noticed, just now when I was trying once more I saw that saving takes up a few seconds longer when it actually saves. It worked now, don't ask me why it saved correctly right now :/ this kinda sucks because one could play for an hour and see that it doesn't save correctly at all, so that leaves you with 2 options, playing through the whole game without shutting down your game or die and have to start over :/ Very, very weird.
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