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    Apr 24, 2008
    Hey guys ^^
    I recently beated The World Ends with you, and currently busy doing the pork tower in chapter: Another Day.
    I'm at floor 10. I killed all the normal Noise, but i'm in deep trouble with that red pig noise. What pin should i use to kill him?
    I currently use: (not telling the cooldown time etc, since it's not important for this pig)
    - Rhyme - Unbranded - Attack 95
    - Tin Pin Shiva - Unbranded - Attack 98
    - Tin Pin Bahamut - Unbranded - Attack 100
    - Tin Pin Ifrit - Unbranded - Attack 90
    - Strong Body - Pavo Real - Extends Defense Break
    - Poison Bones - Pavo Real - Defense Break at start battle

    This is not my normal deck, which is complete different, but since u can only use 1 brand and all the unbranded onces is this the best deck i have..
    Someone help me with this ^^ How to defeat this little [email protected]@rd? Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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