the way to screw ebay on the listing fee

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    thought about something that may be possible but never tried because i have nothing to sell at the many of you know you get charged a listing depending on the starting price you put for your item.

    has any ever tried to put the lowest amount and get a small listing fee but make the shipping price the amount you want to try to get after selling your item on ebay for example list your item at $.99 but make the shipping $100.

    never done this for many this might sound good but also might be stupid to do.i only really like buying on ebay but not really selling i always have bad luck with that start selling from $10 and just get one bid but hey i usually start my price where one bid comes close to what i want to make.

    what do you think have you ever thought of making the shipping price very high and the starting bid around $.99?
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