The Walking Dead Season 3 returns in January despite studio closure

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    After developer Telltale Games went bankrupt earlier this year, the studio left one of its biggest series unfinished, with The Walking Dead: Season 3 only receiving two episodes. A few weeks later, Skybound Entertainment decided to step in and help get the series completed by taking on a handful of ex-Telltale employees. The third episode of The Final Season, "Broken Toys", has just been announced for a release next month on January 15, 2019 on all available platforms. This also means that the game, which had been removed from some digital storefronts, will make a return in the time leading up to the new episode's launch.

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    Nice, hopefully, we get the others and we can see a satisfying conclusion to Clem's story.
  2. Wrathcaster

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    Jun 8, 2018
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    Great, everyone that already had the season pass or invested into the first 2 episodes can now sigh in relief lol.
    I'll wait until it's fully finished to finally see how the story ends
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  3. altorn

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    i don't know the whole story, but can they somehow rely on crowdfunding as well if budget is a problem?
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    "Broken Toys" seems rather unusually apt for a title there. Almost meta.
  5. wurstpistole

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    I bought the season before release and, naturally, am glad to learn that this will come to an end.
    I mean, come on. This is the final season. Two episodes in and the studio disintegrates, with only two episodes remaining to wrap the story up.
    This would have been a huge disappointment.
    I hope the quality can somewhat hold up, now that studios have changed, but at this point I'm just glad it's getting *some* kind of closure. Even if it only had been some compromise solution, like doing a non-interactive sequence of cutscenes to wrap the story up.
  6. Lycanroc

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    Great news! It's season 4 btw
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    I think things like IP licensing might be an issue with crowdfunding projects. Budget shouldn't be an issue now that Skybound is taking care, they hold the TWD IP as well I think.

    I'm glad to see at least some closure to this entire debacle, hopefully the devs will find themselves a stable income in the gaming industry.

    Funny how a basically bankrupt studio is closed but by sheer will of the fans (and Skybound) they were able to end a series, meanwhile a flourishing company worth billions can't be bothered to finish their series for over 12 years (I'm looking at you, Valve).
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