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Discussion in 'Xbox One - Games & Content' started by Taleweaver, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I'm very glad it's there. This way, developers know they can do all sorts of funky stuff with it

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  2. I'm okay with it. I would have bought the thing if it wasn't in the package anyhow.

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  3. If it was optional, I wouldn't have bought it. But it's there, so I'll get used to it

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  4. Remove it from the package and lower the console price accordingly, damnit

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  5. I'll wrap it in a soundproof tinfoil hat in case it may steal my thoughts!

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  1. Taleweaver

    Taleweaver Storywriter

    Dec 23, 2009
    So the one will have kinect 2.0 to go with it as part of the deal. It'll ship with all the consoles.

    That's nice...I suppose. Except that just about all the times I heard it mentioned by non-microsoft employees, it was at best neutral. The majority had concerns that kinect + always online + microsoft's involvement with prism = 1984.

    What I'm wondering about, however, is: where are the games that make use of it? When the wii was released, you were pretty much literally bitchslapped with games that made use of the motion controls in this or that way. Same when the original kinect and move were released. Yes: they were either casual or badly received, but they were there.

    Now this new kinect is supposedly better. But all the "demonstrations"* of the thing were about using the interface. And most of them about voice commands (I read somewhere that it loads your profile when it recognizes you...haven't seen it in action, though).

    However, I cannot even recall a single reference on E3 that movement commands were used. In any game. Whatsoever. And without backward compatibility...this begs the question:

    Why the hell is kinect mandatory on the thing to begin with? :unsure:

    Microsoft claims they're listening to complaints. And admittedly, they've removed the most important one. But perhaps I'm reading things wrong (I don't have a 360), but I would swear the kinect on 360 isn't the most popular gizmo ever (I certainly wasn't sold the time I played with it...and as a wii-gamer, I was even used to making spastic movements in games). So hence this question out of curiosity:

    How do you feel about the kinect being part of your console, even though it has no gaems for it?

    *I heard suggestions that the one on the unveiling was supposedly controlled by the voice of the announcer. Feel free to believe that if you want to...
  2. TackyPie

    TackyPie GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 4, 2012
    United States
    They should make it to where we can do stuff manually to and not have the Xbox One come with it.
  3. emigre

    emigre Oh Jeremy Corbyn

    Jan 28, 2009
    United States

    Cuz Kinect sold shitloads of units and software.

    Saying that Kinect has pretty much put me off the Xbone (That and Naughty God). I gaem in my room and my room is too small to use it. The only other room in the house is the living room. Yet there are two problems there, firstly we have an SD TV there and secondly, that room is used by my parents and I doubt they would appreciate me gaeming there. Kinect would be utterly worthless for me and I don't fancy paying £80 for a device I can't even use.
  4. PityOnU

    PityOnU GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 5, 2012
    United States
    I think you answered your own question. Maybe not all games will use it (although, Xbox Live voice chat? Lots of games use that.), but at least at the start it will make navigating the menu awesome. Just saying "Xbox Netflix" is better than, from the middle of a game, returning to the home screen, navigating to the apps tab, and then digging through your list of apps to find it. You could do this with a headset as well, admittedly, but most times when I want to watch Netflix or do a web search on my TV I don't want to have to grab my controller and headset. And speaking of search... or writing messages to people... holy shit.

    Also, having it be mandatory will encourage devs to make their games support it. Don't lie to me and say you wouldn't get a level of satisfaction by being able to flip people off in Call of Duty by giving the finger to Kinect? Or shout in Skyrim by actually saying the shout.
  5. Foxi4

    Foxi4 On the hunt...

    pip Reporter
    Sep 13, 2009
    Gaming Grotto
    There's a whole lot of good things the Kinect can be used for in gaming as long as it's used as an addition to the standard controller rather than the controller proper (unless it's a dance or whatever Fitness game) - all it takes is a little bit of imagination.
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