The upcoming Panzer Dragoon remake will also release on Steam, later this year

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    Yeah I'm sure they could easily do it but just choose not to. Your arguments are idiotic.

    No rpgs in high definition are cheap and easy to make you're just plain wrong.
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    This is cool and all, but I suspect they're going to shove Denuvo into it at the last second like they've been doing recently. Here's hoping they don't.. Otherwise I won't be buying this.
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    Sega has become rather... lenient on "borrowing" their intellectual property for other devs and publishers to work on. It had started with Bayonetta, and then moved onwards to Wonder Boy, Rez, Shenmue, Toejam & Earl, Panzer Dragoon, Streets of Rage and Space Channel 5. Sega is still the retainer of all those intellectual properties, but even the copyrights ownership statings in said games are kept to a bare minimum, usually just a little something in the title screen or credits. Nothing even close to the lushous "Sega" title cards the company's famous for.

    I don't know exactly what's the deal with it, but I'm glad it became possible for so many dormant great IPs to resurface in the form of new classics. I hope this might make possible for new outings or portings of games such as Panzer Dragoon Orta and RPG, Jet Set Radio Future and Skies of Arcadia. Even a new Phantasy Star outsorced for a great studio would be excellent as well.

    Guess Sega finally realized the strength of many of these IPs and how to get the best of them, in an unusual manner. The company itself seems to develop very little internally, mostly Sonic and the Yakuza titles. I guess it just goes how things change.
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