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    Apr 10, 2010
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    when you have a tutorial specifically for a certain sub-section inside that forum (for example NDS, and only for 1 flashcart)

    I imagine the Tut & FAQ sections to be more tuts and FAQs about generally the whole section itself, like maintaining the DS, getting started with flashcarts in general, recording DS games, all of the things that basically apply to the whole console itself, including homebrew that can work on all flashcarts and hardware things like the ez-flash 3-in-1 that work with all flashcarts

    however tutorials like "I've got a 'R4' - HELP !!!!!" (r4 section), "How to install Wood R4 on the regular R4." (r4 section), "Tutorial on getting wifi on desmuME" (emulation section), "iMenu step-by-step set-up tutorial" (supercard section), "TTDS English v3 B/W Tutorial" (DSTT section), "Making a *.txt cheat file for M3 REAL" (m3 section) should all be in there respective section, not jumbled in with the general DS tuts & FAQs

    if someone is looking up in the supercard section for example, they would miss some of the tutorials because they got moved in with the pile of general tutorials, same with any other specific section

    i feel i kinda worded this confusingly, but basically:

    for general help with a console, like Rydians beginner's guide to 3/DS/i/XL hacking, it belongs in the Tutorials & FAQs forum
    a tutorial about a specific flashcart or just something that isn't common with most everyone should stay in it's specific sub-forum
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