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    Well we can hope this gets stickied, if not that's cool.

    Anyways I've been looking around, saw the 'line rider' post and all that, but I don't recall ever seeing a solid thread giving good links to web based stuff that will work with the Wii. That wiicade site is a fairly large joke as I tried most the more interesting titles on it and nearly none worked.

    To get the ball rolling though I will give you two tasties work with.


    The first is a fairly well known site with a lot of mini games and puzzles of sorts. The second though is known to us DS fans, Zookeeper. This is the sequel of sorts to the original that spurred the DS title, and in effect takes much of what the DS one did right in fixing that hard game. Binoculars, better countdown clock, and the Quest mode have been added into the mix. The ONLY thing not to work on the Wii is the highscore, but the gameplay is intact and is a blast with the controller.

    ...shame activex is required as I'd have loved to toss EA's online ver of Sim City Classic on here as that would make anyone into sims lose hours in that one.
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