The three bobrules brothers

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    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->[8:10pm] bobrules joined the chat room.
    [8:10pm] bobrules: hi everyone
    [8:10pm] drkupo: get the fuck out
    [8:11pm] bobrules: disrespect..
    [8:11pm] drkupo: point being?
    [8:11pm] Salaman: FINALLY reconnected the keyboard
    [8:11pm] drkupo: salaman, dont you got an imac?
    [8:11pm] Salaman: drkupo: yes I do, why? I still have cables
    [8:11pm] drkupo: why do you have cables in that case? should just be ethernet and printer, also speakers
    [8:11pm] drkupo: exclusive the obvious power cable.
    [8:11pm] Salaman: external hard drive, USB hub, power cables, etc
    [8:11pm] bobrules: it's not a mac book
    [8:12pm] Salaman: also router/modem
    [8:12pm] drkupo: stfu bobrules let the adults speak
    [8:12pm] drkupo: that as well.
    [8:12pm] Salaman: drkupo: I'm not really an adult
    [8:12pm] drkupo: at least you aren't retarded like bobrules is
    [8:12pm] bobrules: Im 36
    [8:12pm] bobrules: kid
    [8:12pm] KuKzz|N8: pff
    [8:12pm] Salaman: let me see here:
    [8:12pm] KuKzz|N8: 73 here
    [8:12pm] drkupo: no you are not.
    [8:12pm] Narin: More precisely, look at this photo, the sheet scale of the hadron collider is impressive
    [8:12pm] drkupo: stop lying about your age on the INTERNET.
    [8:13pm] drkupo: its obvious you are 13 at the oldest
    [8:13pm] inf-: how old are you anyway kupo
    [8:13pm] inf-: 20?
    [8:13pm] drkupo: wow.
    [8:13pm] drkupo: good job inf
    [8:13pm] inf-: yeah
    [8:13pm] inf-: since i knew microwave was 18 before and it would have been a year
    [8:13pm] drkupo: inf anything good droping soon?
    [8:13pm] inf-: lol
    [8:13pm] bobrules: probably 12
    [8:13pm] drkupo: im out of games to play.
    [8:13pm] drkupo: excluding "insult bobrules"
    [8:13pm] drkupo: that game never gets old
    [8:13pm] bobrules: anyone here heard of the world ends with you
    [8:14pm] drkupo: ....
    [8:14pm] [M]artin: Nah
    [8:14pm] bobrules: I hear it's good
    [8:14pm] KuKzz|N8: somebody should nuke this collider
    [8:14pm] inf-: kupo for nds?
    [8:14pm] drkupo: someone should muke bobrules's parent's house
    [8:14pm] drkupo: tripple kill
    [8:14pm] drkupo: 360
    [8:14pm] Narin: bobrules: It is, though it depends on the user
    [8:14pm] inf-: oh
    [8:14pm] inf-: dunno
    [8:14pm] inf-: i need to fix my fucking xbox
    [8:14pm] drkupo:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [8:14pm] bobrules: hi Narin thanks for the cheat database
    [8:14pm] drkupo: ugh this is painful to watch
    [8:14pm] drkupo: the fucking autofocusing sound every second
    [8:14pm] Salaman: USB cables -> hard drive, sd reader, usb hub, iPod cable, printer // Power -> Mac, USB hub, external HD, router, modem // network -> 4 ethernet cables
    [8:15pm] Salaman: there
    [8:15pm] inf-: every time they do these videos its fake
    [8:15pm] drkupo: christ salaman
    [8:15pm] Salaman: I think I missed some
    [8:15pm] Salaman: yeah I know
    [8:15pm] inf-: it happens for every console
    [8:15pm] drkupo: nah inf Math and DA confirmed it
    [8:15pm] drkupo: check maxconsole
    [8:15pm] inf-: oh
    [8:15pm] inf-: ok
    [8:15pm] Salaman: I need to thread them around the desk somehow and hide them
    [8:15pm] drkupo: salaman, pop open the case and put the HD in it.
    [8:15pm] drkupo: the rest should only be plugged in when needed
    [8:16pm] bobrules: or you can switch to a pc
    [8:16pm] Salaman: NO
    [8:16pm] KuKzz|N8: YES
    [8:16pm] Salaman: bobrules I thought you were fine
    [8:16pm] Salaman: our friendship is broken
    [8:16pm] g56k left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    [8:16pm] g56k joined the chat room.
    [8:16pm] bobrules: hi I'm a PC
    [8:16pm] drkupo: and retarded
    [8:16pm] Salaman: LOL
    [8:16pm] drkupo: don't forget that
    [8:17pm] Salaman: yeah, I think when I repaint my room soon and clean it I'll take a bunch of zipties and clean up the cables
    [8:17pm] bobrules: drkupo you are so dumb that you tried to climb over a glass wall to see what's on the other side
    [8:17pm] drkupo: wow
    [8:17pm] Salaman: wow
    [8:17pm] Salaman: that is very smart >__<
    [8:17pm] drkupo: all that needs to be said, really.
    [8:17pm] drkupo: wow.
    [8:17pm] drkupo: wow, bobrules is fucking retarded
    [8:17pm] bobrules: brb
    [8:18pm] drkupo: please go get your dads shotgun and put the barrel in your mouth
    [8:18pm] drkupo: load it, pull trigger
    [8:18pm] Salaman: LOL
    [8:18pm] drkupo: no one will piss you.
    [8:18pm] bobrules: you can't have guns in Canada
    [8:18pm] drkupo: you can have guns anywhere you want
    [8:18pm] Salaman: bobrules: wtf?
    [8:18pm] bobrules: brb
    [8:18pm] drkupo: also i am pretty sure guns are not illegal in canada
    [8:18pm] Salaman: my dad has a LOAD of hunting rifles
    [8:18pm] bobrules: I need to tae
    [8:18pm] drkupo: you need to die
    [8:18pm] drkupo: typo man
    [8:18pm] Salaman: LOL
    [8:19pm] KuKzz|N8: lol
    [8:19pm] Salaman: bobrules: I live in Canada and my dad has a collection of old/new snipers and hunting rifles, all legally registered
    [8:19pm] Salaman: so do research before saying random stuff
    [8:19pm] drkupo: i live in america and i got a glock
    [8:19pm] drkupo: let me know where you live
    [8:19pm] drkupo: bob
    [8:19pm] drkupo: ill put it in your mouth
    [8:19pm] [M]artin: But bobrules lives in fucking Canada... XD
    [8:19pm] drkupo: do the world a favor
    [8:20pm] bobrules: I'll make you cry when I come back
    [8:20pm] drkupo: ill fly up there
    [8:20pm] bobrules: lol
    [8:20pm] drkupo: you wont come back
    [8:20pm] drkupo: ill empty the mag into your mout
    [8:20pm] drkupo: burn the body
    [8:20pm] [M]artin: bobrules' Canadianism has been challenged
    [8:21pm] drkupo: bobrules is just ignorant
    [8:21pm] drkupo: forgive him, he's 12
    [8:21pm] [M]artin: AH
    [8:21pm] [M]artin: 12
    [8:21pm] drkupo: but dirtie is 7 and knows more than him
    [8:21pm] [M]artin: Wait, you sure about that?
    [8:21pm] drkupo: so i guess bobrules is juts retarded
    [8:21pm] [M]artin: I thought younger...
    [8:21pm] drkupo: you may be right
    [8:22pm] Samutz left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
    [8:22pm] noONE_ joined the chat room.
    [8:23pm] drkupo: bobrules appears to have left out of shame
    [8:23pm] drkupo: sad
    [8:23pm] Salaman: My SD reader is weird as fuck, it reads SD cards perfectly, but when I insert my microSD through an adapter it fucks up
    [8:24pm] drkupo: what
    [8:24pm] drkupo: flashcard packin?
    [8:24pm] noONE_: heh; custom member title
    [8:24pm] noONE_: how do you change yours?! i went to edit my profile and i cant do it! i have over 600 points HELP!!!!!!
    [8:24pm] noONE_: samsam12 is a member of the Members group and has 610 posts.
    [8:24pm] noONE_: got PM
    [8:24pm] bobrules: drkupo you are as smart as a kangaroo
    [8:24pm] drkupo: oooh
    [8:25pm] drkupo: take that insult back to 3rd grade
    [8:25pm] drkupo: fucking retards in here, really
    [8:25pm] noONE_: glad to help others.. but that's like basic knowledge :3
    [8:25pm] Salaman: drkupo: no the sd reader is one I bought at bestbuy
    [8:25pm] drkupo: weird
    [8:25pm] drkupo: worstbuy really overpriced that shit
    [8:25pm] Salaman: and the ones included with my flashcarts work better
    [8:25pm] Salaman: >__>
    [8:25pm] Salaman: suggestions on a new one? lol
    [8:25pm] drkupo: i am still using the 5 buck one from compusa i bought years ago
    [8:25pm] bobrules: I use the one that came with the computer
    [8:25pm] Salaman: I do have a 100$ gift card at futureshop I got with my aeroplan points
    [8:25pm] noONE_: the sandisk readers work great for me anyway
    [8:25pm] bobrules: nice
    [8:26pm] bobrules: is it true that in USA you can buy a guy without a licsence
    [8:26pm] drkupo: ask your dad
    [8:26pm] drkupo: retard
    [8:26pm] noONE_: lol
    [8:27pm] bobrules: I'm not in US
    [8:27pm] drkupo: ask your dad, retard
    [8:28pm] bobrules: okay what's the capital of london
    [8:28pm] Samutz joined the chat room.
    [8:28pm] bobrules: that's right you don't know
    [8:28pm] drkupo: i was away.
    [8:28pm] noONE_: errr, paris?:3
    [8:28pm] bobrules: excuses
    [8:28pm] drkupo: my apologies. i was grabing some pie.
    [8:29pm] Salaman: pie <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/happy.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="^_^" border="0" alt="happy.gif" />
    [8:29pm] drkupo: regardless, that is a minor fact of little importance. the US constuntion should be read by all
    [8:29pm] shinkamui left the chat room. (Read error: Operation timed out)
    [8:29pm] drkupo: even your retarded 12 year old ass
    [8:29pm] bobrules: im 34
    [8:29pm] drkupo: so go take a look
    [8:29pm] drkupo: no, YOU ARE NOT.
    [8:29pm] drkupo: take a pic of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username on it
    [8:29pm] drkupo: thats the only way i'd believe you are 34
    [8:29pm] bobrules: my dad won't let me
    [8:29pm] drkupo: exactly.
    [8:30pm] drkupo: so go fuck yourself, retard child
    [8:30pm] Salaman: lol
    [8:30pm] bobrules: drkupo answer 100-(!1)
    [8:30pm] WildDenim: wait... 34years old and your dad wouldn't let you...?
    [8:30pm] drkupo: he can't play his own lie right
    [8:31pm] bobrules: yo mama is so dumb, I ask how old she is, and she died
    [8:31pm] drkupo: christ bobrules
    [8:31pm] drkupo: this is not your 5th grade classroom
    [8:31pm] drkupo: we don't do that shit here
    [8:31pm] WildDenim: *facepalm*
    [8:32pm] drkupo: yeah, really.
    [8:32pm] WildDenim: hmm pop tarts!
    [8:34pm] Salaman: did dead chat die
    [8:34pm] drkupo: bobrules is sleeping
    [8:34pm] drkupo: its his bed time
    [8:34pm] bobrules: I don't have one
    [8:35pm] [M]artin: WildDenim: I have a face you can palm
    [8:35pm] drkupo: i don't believe that for a second
    [8:35pm] bobrules: drkupo if you rearrange your name you getÂÂÂÂÂÂdork pee uuu
    [8:35pm] drkupo: bobrules is just never-ending lol
    [8:35pm] drkupo: fail.
    [8:35pm] drkupo: you are just never ending fail
    [8:37pm] drkupo: bobrules.
    [8:37pm] bobrules: what
    [8:38pm] drkupo: you are seriously retarded
    [8:38pm] drkupo: you must be
    [8:38pm] drkupo: no other excuse
    [8:38pm] bobrules: no it's you are too dumb to see smartness
    [8:38pm] drkupo: ...
    [8:38pm] drkupo: please, someone, put that in the tipic
    [8:38pm] drkupo: *topic
    [8:39pm] Sephi joined the chat room.
    [8:39pm] PuyoDead: woohoo! I now have a toggle switch on my rock band guitar to turn the tilt sensor on and off
    [8:39pm] PuyoDead: damn thing was driving me nuts
    [8:39pm] Salaman: lol
    [8:40pm] PuyoDead: only took 20 minutes to put in, heh
    [8:40pm] Sephi: Ratchet and clank deadlocked online multiplayer is made of epic fucking fail
    [8:40pm] drkupo: obviously
    [8:40pm] WildDenim: drkupo and bobrules you two still fighting?
    [8:40pm] drkupo: insomniac has never made a good game
    [8:40pm] drkupo: i don't think of it as a fight
    [8:41pm] WildDenim: come on you lovers, kiss and make up
    [8:41pm] Sephi: after all this time I didn't even get to play one game
    [8:41pm] drkupo: more like I insult him, he blows up like a retarded child
    [8:41pm] drkupo: which he is
    [8:41pm] Sephi: I was like :wtf:
    [8:41pm] drkupo: no way, he can go fuck himself
    [8:41pm] Sephi: PS2 online sucks
    [8:41pm] bobrules: bobrules 2 : drkupo -1
    [8:41pm] drkupo: ...
    [8:42pm] drkupo: ps2 sucks.
    [8:42pm] drkupo: but a 360 if you want to play shit online
    [8:42pm] Sephi: after nearly an hour of waiting, I didn't get to play one online game
    [8:42pm] Sephi: all people do is talk in every game
    [8:42pm] Sephi: the game never actually starts
    [8:42pm] Sephi: T.T
    [8:43pm] drkupo: buy a real system
    [8:43pm] drkupo: the ps2 is dead.
    [8:44pm] WildDenim: bobrules - be a man and move on please
    [8:44pm] bobrules: ps2 is semi dead
    [8:44pm] WildDenim: drkupo have moved on...
    [8:44pm] WildDenim: your lovers tiffs are getting boring
    [8:44pm] drkupo: i don't like insulting retards
    [8:44pm] drkupo: so i stopped
    [8:44pm] Passa joined the chat room.
    [8:44pm] bobrules: yay
    [8:44pm] bobrules: victory
    [8:44pm] WildDenim: oh grow up bobrules
    [8:45pm] bobrules: no Im 25
    [8:45pm] WildDenim: oh really
    [8:45pm] drkupo: just 10 minutes ago you said 35
    [8:45pm] WildDenim: you said 34
    [8:45pm] drkupo: you are 12, maybe 13
    [8:45pm] bobrules: you are seeing things
    [8:45pm] WildDenim: i guess between 12-15
    [8:45pm] drkupo: wild, want me to get my logs to prove what he said?
    [8:45pm] KuKzz|N8: lol kupo fails
    [8:45pm] bobrules: this is bobrule's brother
    [8:45pm] drkupo: hahahahahahah
    [8:45pm] WildDenim: no worries, i've seen it myself few times
    [8:45pm] Salaman: riiight
    [8:45pm] drkupo: this only gets better
    [8:45pm] drkupo: and better
    [8:45pm] drkupo: and better
    [8:46pm] bobrules: I'm 1 of 3
    [8:46pm] bobrules: that's why it's differnet
    [8:46pm] WildDenim: bobrules - i once thought you as one of fine members here and you are on slippy slope...
    [8:46pm] WildDenim: MOVE ON!
    [8:46pm] drkupo: no no
    [8:46pm] drkupo: this is good
    [8:46pm] bobrules: it's cause of drkupo
    [8:46pm] drkupo: please bobrules, keep going
    [8:46pm] WildDenim: right
    [8:46pm] • WildDenim starts bashing her head with her keyboard, sending keys flying everywhere
    [8:47pm] Salaman: also I'm selling Costelo's (misspelled to avoid beeping) MSN for 20$
    [8:47pm] Salaman: jk lol
    [8:47pm] bobrules: wilddenim are you a girl
    [8:47pm] drkupo: bobrules you are 12
    [8:47pm] WildDenim: yeah
    [8:47pm] bobrules: proof?
    [8:47pm] drkupo: why do you care?
    [8:47pm] drkupo: wilddenim is not in question here
    [8:47pm] drkupo: YOU ARE.
    [8:47pm] drkupo: take a pic of you, holing a print out of your username
    [8:47pm] drkupo: otherwise, you are 12
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: proof? lol just ask jph or narin they knows beside you are the one who lied about your age
    [8:48pm] [M]artin: Challenged.
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: so prove it?
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: [m]artin... save me!
    [8:48pm] [M]artin: Ummmmmmmmm
    [8:48pm] bobrules: ok I don't need proof
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: bullshit
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: you just want to see my tits
    [8:48pm] • PuyoDead saves WildDenim to his HDD
    [8:48pm] [M]artin: bobrules, go knock your sausage around a bit
    [8:48pm] drkupo: wild, show me your tits
    [8:48pm] WildDenim: in your freaking dreams
    [8:48pm] Passa`lol left the chat room. (Read error: Operation timed out)
    [8:48pm] [M]artin: I saw them.
    [8:48pm] drkupo: ill put my sausage on your tits
    [8:48pm] Salaman: bobrules: rules? go to the Temper Pics thread and look up WildDenim
    [8:48pm] Salaman: >__>
    [8:48pm] bobrules: eww
    [8:48pm] bobrules: tits
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: LOL
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: OKAY FUCK IT
    [8:49pm] WildDenim: [m]artin... this reminds me of you...
    [8:49pm] WildDenim:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: HE'S !@
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: 12**
    [8:49pm] drkupo: indeed
    [8:49pm] WildDenim: he's gay
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: HE'S FUCKING 12
    [8:49pm] PuyoDead: he just said "eww tits"
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: SMALLER THAN 12
    [8:49pm] PuyoDead: 12 MAX
    [8:49pm] drkupo: i win.
    [8:49pm] [M]artin: Yea, Eww Tits gave it away
    [8:49pm] Salaman: yep
    [8:49pm] drkupo: one sec let me make myselfÂÂadrink
    [8:49pm] PuyoDead: possibly 10
    [8:49pm] Salaman: How can you NOT like tits
    [8:49pm] Salaman: except if you're like under 12 lol
    [8:49pm] WildDenim: he's gay what else
    [8:50pm] Salaman: oh yeah and that
    [8:50pm] WildDenim: i'm sure 12 years old would like tits
    [8:50pm] PuyoDead: even gay men appreciate tits
    [8:50pm] drkupo: back
    [8:50pm] drkupo: bobrules got gang raped in IRC
    [8:50pm] Salaman: lol
    [8:50pm] bobrules: drkupo don't drink and drive
    [8:50pm] WildDenim is now known as [M]artine.
    [8:50pm] PuyoDead: he only drinks and ircs
    [8:50pm] Salaman: LOL
    [8:50pm] [M]artine: martiiiiiin!
    [8:50pm] You are now known as WildDenim.
    [8:50pm] WildDenim: win.
    [8:51pm] drkupo: bobrules, i drink and drive ALL THE FUCKING TIME
    [8:51pm] [M]artine: oh you little...
    [8:51pm] drkupo: DRIVIN ON HARD MODE
    [8:51pm] [M]artine: was going back
    [8:51pm] [M]artine: lol
    [8:51pm] KuKzz|N8: tits sucks
    [8:51pm] bobrules: what's your liscense plate
    [8:51pm] WildDenim: lol
    [8:51pm] [M]artine is now known as Salaman.
    [8:51pm] bobrules: Im gonna call police
    [8:51pm] bobrules: it's 911 in US right?
    [8:51pm] Salaman: Hiya, i'm Saladtitman
    [8:51pm] WildDenim: hai Salad Man Tita
    [8:51pm] Salaman: you all?
    [8:51pm] WildDenim: *Tits
    [8:51pm] Salaman: XD
    [8:51pm] [M]artin: I'M DOOOOONE
    [8:51pm] Salaman: if you are actually 34 you'd konw that, bobrule
    [8:51pm] Salaman: s
    [8:51pm] drkupo: no one knows my plate
    [8:51pm] [M]artin: Done with Psych Design Final
    [8:51pm] drkupo: go fuck yourself retard
    [8:51pm] WildDenim: [M], ya leaving?
    [8:52pm] bobrules: you don't have one
    [8:52pm] WildDenim: oh k
    [8:52pm] [M]artin: well, the design portion, at least
    [8:52pm] drkupo: i got a vannity plate
    [8:52pm] drkupo: reads: BOBRULES = RETARD
    [8:52pm] PuyoDead: hah
    [8:52pm] [M]artin: Now I have to start that Pop Art design
    [8:52pm] WildDenim: Wild, switch back
    [8:52pm] Salaman: yeah definitely younger than 13
    [8:52pm] You are now known as aiefneipa.
    [8:52pm] drkupo: sofucking wiun
    [8:52pm] drkupo: *so fucking win
    [8:52pm] bobrules is now known as WildDenim.
    [8:52pm] WildDenim: lol
    [8:52pm] Salaman: asking for car plate while asking if 911 is right... XD
    [8:52pm] You are now known as bobrules.
    [8:52pm] bobrules: OHAI GAIS I LIKE COCK
    [8:52pm] bobrules: NO TITS KTHNX
    [8:52pm] Salaman is now known as bobsucks.
    [8:53pm] You are now known as Salaman.
    [8:53pm] WildDenim: Hi my name is WildDenim
    [8:53pm] drkupo: wuts going on
    [8:53pm] Salaman: I have regained my name
    [8:53pm] WildDenim is now known as bobrules.
    [8:53pm] drkupo: did bobrules say i don't have a license plate?
    [8:53pm] bobsucks is now known as WildDenim.
    [8:53pm] drkupo: thats awfully odd
    [8:53pm] bobrules: you dont have a car
    [8:53pm] [M]artin: Don't trust anyone, anyone can be a man here
    [8:53pm] bobrules: well not including hot wheels
    [8:53pm] WildDenim: odd as you are known for your dangerous driving!
    [8:53pm] drkupo: i'll take a pic of my car asshole
    [8:54pm] drkupo: you'll have to wait till tomorrow, my camera doesn't have flash.
    [8:54pm] drkupo: my camera is my phone
    [8:54pm] Sephi: lul
    [8:54pm] bobrules: lol
    [8:54pm] Sephi: iPhone?
    [8:54pm] drkupo: yep
    [8:54pm] [M]artin: drkupo: Can you put my name somewhere in one of your next pics plzzzzzzzz?
    [8:54pm] WildDenim: how many brothers do you have bobrules?
    [8:54pm] bobrules: 1st gen?
    [8:54pm] [M]artin: I wanna be known
    [8:54pm] Sephi: iPhone doesn't have flash?
    [8:54pm] drkupo: alright i guess
    [8:54pm] drkupo: yeah for some reason
    [8:54pm] PuyoDead: dur
    [8:54pm] drkupo: i'd think they'd make the apple logo light up
    [8:54pm] drkupo: that being the flash
    [8:54pm] drkupo: like the laptops
    [8:54pm] drkupo: orange.
    [8:54pm] bobrules: I have 2bros
    [8:55pm] PuyoDead: may be worried about battery life/ it may not take much, but a lot of flashes would lower it a bit
    [8:55pm] drkupo: you have 2 bros sucking your dick
    [8:55pm] WildDenim: BobSucks, BobTits and BobTard?
    [8:55pm] Salaman: drkupo,
    [8:55pm] Salaman: that is win
    [8:55pm] drkupo: can it be turned off
    [8:55pm] Salaman: and it's recent
    [8:55pm] drkupo: also needs to be hacked to turn it n when taking a pic
    [8:55pm] bobrules: stop internet bully
    [8:55pm] bobrules: cyber bullying
    [8:55pm] drkupo: OH GOD
    [8:56pm] drkupo: CYBER BULLY
    [8:56pm] PuyoDead: stop bringing it upon yourself
    [8:56pm] bobrules: next topic
    [8:56pm] bobrules: someone start
    [8:56pm] drkupo: no
    [8:56pm] drkupo: lets keep going
    [8:56pm] drkupo: i do have a car.
    [8:56pm] bobrules: what brand
    [8:56pm] WildDenim: we would have never bully you if you haven't told countless lies
    [8:56pm] Salaman: he
    [8:56pm] Sephi: I should get a motor scooter
    [8:56pm] drkupo: what?
    [8:56pm] drkupo: do you mean what manufucter?
    [8:56pm] Salaman: he's probably going to take a picture of his hot wheels car
    [8:57pm] drkupo: lol salaman
    [8:57pm] drkupo: sadly I don't own any
    [8:57pm] drkupo: or i'd do that
    [8:57pm] bobrules: that's sad
    [8:57pm] bobrules: lol watch cnn
    [8:57pm] drkupo: your life is sad
    [8:57pm] bobrules: Mccain and obamad together
    [8:57pm] drkupo: 12 year old retard on IRC
    [8:58pm] bobrules: drkupo are you the director of that latest movie
    [8:58pm] bobrules: tropic thunder'
    [8:58pm] drkupo: .....
    [8:58pm] drkupo: ...........
    [8:58pm] drkupo: .................
    [8:58pm] Salaman: uhh
    [8:58pm] Salaman: wat
    [8:58pm] drkupo: ......................
    [8:58pm] drkupo: ...............................
    [8:58pm] bobrules: .....................................................
    [8:58pm] PuyoDead: moving on
    [8:58pm] bobrules: beat you
    [8:59pm] drkupo: no.
    [8:59pm] drkupo: you failed so hard
    [8:59pm] drkupo: i had no responce
    [8:59pm] bobrules: next topic
    [8:59pm] drkupo: no, I did not direct tropic thunder?
    [8:59pm] drkupo: why do you ask
    [8:59pm] bobrules: cause they made fun of retard
    [8:59pm] drkupo: i do have a banner for it somewhere
    [8:59pm] drkupo: let me go find it
    [8:59pm] drkupo: not sure where it is
    [9:00pm] drkupo: bobrules, making fun of retards/you is fun
    [9:00pm] bobrules: so I noticed that latest DS games have real voice overs
    [9:00pm] drkupo: its easy and it just works.
    [9:00pm] drkupo: bobrules, let's talk about you lying about your age
    [9:00pm] bobrules: like dr lyko
    [9:00pm] drkupo: and not even being able to keep the number straight
    [9:00pm] drkupo: thats fucking sad
    [9:00pm] bobrules: that was my brother
    [9:00pm] drkupo: NO, IT WASN'T.
    [9:00pm] drkupo: it was _YOU_
    [9:00pm] drkupo: salaman where are you
    [9:00pm] drkupo: i need some backup
    [9:00pm] Salaman: ovar here
    [9:00pm] bobrules: how did you know _YOU_ is my brother's name
    [9:00pm] drkupo: what's your brother's name
    [9:01pm] drkupo: fail.
    [9:01pm] PuyoDead: oh my god
    [9:01pm] drkupo: ^^
    [9:01pm] noONE_ left the chat room.
    [9:01pm] Salaman: bobrules stop trying to get trolled, it's not funny anymore, it just causes epic facepalms
    [9:01pm] PuyoDead: you made noONE leave, that was so bad
    [9:01pm] inf-: why would you lie about your age
    [9:01pm] drkupo: lol
    [9:01pm] drkupo: because hes ashamed
    [9:01pm] drkupo: hes 12
    [9:01pm] drkupo: anyone got his "eww tits" comment on hand
    [9:01pm] drkupo: i dont want to scroll
    [9:01pm] bobrules: isn't it mopre shameful if I'm actually 20
    [9:02pm] drkupo: you are 12.
    [9:02pm] inf-: why?
    [9:02pm] drkupo: [20:48:58] <bobrules> eww
    [9:02pm] drkupo: [20:48:59] <bobrules> tits
    [9:02pm] drkupo: [20:49:03] <+[M]artin> LOL
    [9:02pm] drkupo: [20:49:06] <+[M]artin> OKAY FUCK IT
    [9:02pm] bobrules: I was joking
    [9:02pm] drkupo: and other gems like that
    [9:02pm] drkupo: no you weren't
    [9:02pm] drkupo: brb in asec
    [9:02pm] drkupo: back
    [9:03pm] bobrules: welcome back
    [9:03pm] bobrules: drkupo how are you today
    [9:03pm] drkupo: oh having a great time
    [9:03pm] bobrules: glad to see,
    [9:03pm] drkupo: how about you tell us why you lied about your age\
    [9:03pm] Salaman: lol
    [9:03pm] bobrules: enjoy your stay
    [9:03pm] drkupo: how about you tell us why you lied about your age\
    [9:03pm] bobrules: salaman do you have a good ds game to recommend me about
    [9:03pm] drkupo: everything about you SCREAMS 12
    [9:04pm] drkupo: the idiotic real name
    [9:04pm] drkupo: pretty much everything you say
    [9:04pm] drkupo: even your fucking nick
    [9:04pm] bobrules: can 12 yold do advance functions
    [9:04pm] Salaman: bobrules: Bratz Babiez
    [9:04pm] drkupo:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂsalamanÂÂÂÂ
    [9:04pm] Salaman: or Horsez
    [9:04pm] drkupo: make sure its age approprate
    [9:04pm] Salaman: that's your level
    [9:04pm] drkupo: no m rated games
    [9:04pm] Salaman: LOL
    [9:05pm] bobrules: next topic
    [9:05pm] drkupo: no
    [9:05pm] • Narin puts a sticker on Salaman that says "Rated M"
    [9:05pm] Salaman: awwright
    [9:05pm] drkupo: do i get a sticker?
    [9:05pm] WildDenim: BARIN!
    [9:05pm] WildDenim: ...
    [9:06pm] WildDenim: NARIN!*
    [9:06pm] • Sephi slaps a AO sticker on drkupo
    [9:06pm] drkupo: woot
    [9:06pm] bobrules: question:ÂÂWill a electrical watch stop when it drops into the ocean?
    [9:06pm] Sephi: no
    [9:06pm] • Narin puts a sticker on WildDenim that reads "Rated: To Hawt For You"
    [9:06pm] bobrules: damn
    [9:06pm] WildDenim: lol!
    [9:06pm] bobrules: it was a trick question
    [9:07pm] bobrules: I was suppose to say wrong the watch will sink to the bottom, it will never stop moving
    [9:07pm] PuyoDead: broken logic is awesome
    [9:07pm] • drkupo puts a sticker on Bobrules that reads "Rated EC"
    [9:07pm] • WildDenim sticks a sticker on Narin - too furry! Too cute to hug!
    [9:07pm] WildDenim:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:07pm] WildDenim: this is sooooooooooo sexy
    [9:07pm] bobrules: EC?
    [9:08pm] bobrules: you can't even type EVERYONE
    [9:08pm] drkupo: no idiot
    [9:08pm] drkupo: EARLY CHILDHOOD
    [9:08pm] drkupo: it's a rating.
    [9:08pm] drkupo:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:08pm] bobrules: no surprise, I never played one
    [9:08pm] drkupo: EARLY CHILDHOOD
    [9:08pm] drkupo: Titles rated EC (Early Childhood) have content that may be suitable for ages 3 and older. Contains no material that parents would find inappropriat
    [9:08pm] drkupo: those are the only games you own
    [9:08pm] Narin: WildDenim: Ohh, nice theme
    [9:09pm] PuyoDead: denim
    [9:09pm] WildDenim: yeah it's so cute, puyo
    [9:09pm] WildDenim: just downloaded it
    [9:09pm] drkupo: everytime bobrules speaks
    [9:09pm] drkupo: he gets owned
    [9:09pm] drkupo: every.time.
    [9:09pm] WildDenim: okay
    [9:10pm] bobrules: nope
    [9:10pm] drkupo: stfu retard
    [9:10pm] WildDenim: you both sort out your marriage, it's on rocks - divorce is too expensive so sort it out and move on
    [9:10pm] drkupo: you can barely type a sentence without owning yourself
    [9:10pm] bobrules: here I'm actualyl in a choie
    [9:10pm] bobrules: choir*
    [9:10pm] WildDenim: lolwut/
    [9:10pm] drkupo: no wonder you are stupid
    [9:10pm] bobrules:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:10pm] drkupo: also that pretty much qualifies as self-rape
    [9:11pm] bobrules: the first audio, is my choir
    [9:11pm] drkupo: not clicking
    [9:11pm] drkupo: also i don't believe that for a second
    [9:11pm] drkupo: not that being in that is exactly something positive
    [9:11pm] f3rr4rb0y joined the chat room.
    [9:11pm] Salaman: "Listen to Dala and the combined voices of the York Region Children's Choir, the Cardinal Carter Academy Choir, the Peel District Intermediate Honour Choir and the Agincourt Collegiate Institute Choir sing "Our Song" live from the Atrium at the CBC Broadcasting Centre in Toronto."
    [9:11pm] drkupo: York Region Children's Choir
    [9:11pm] drkupo: HAHAHAHAHAH
    [9:11pm] f3rr4rb0y: hi
    [9:11pm] Salaman: CHILDRENS
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] drkupo: AHAHAHAHHAH
    [9:11pm] Gonz0: drkupo stop repeating please.
    [9:11pm] drkupo: holy FUCK
    [9:11pm] f3rr4rb0y: >.<
    [9:11pm] drkupo: raped
    [9:11pm] drkupo: raped
    [9:11pm] f3rr4rb0y: ...
    [9:11pm] WildDenim: omg
    [9:11pm] WildDenim: totally owned
    [9:11pm] f3rr4rb0y: Wat?
    [9:11pm] drkupo: hahahahahah
    [9:11pm] Linearity: wat
    [9:11pm] drkupo: ahahahahahahahah
    [9:12pm] drkupo: laughing irl
    [9:12pm] bobrules: I'm not in york region lol
    [9:12pm] Salaman: bobrules: you just pwnt yourself again
    [9:12pm] f3rr4rb0y: I dont get it
    [9:12pm] Linearity: zomg
    [9:12pm] Sephi: I'm uploading a movie at the same speed I'm downloading it... 35KBps...;_;
    [9:12pm] drkupo: my point exactly
    [9:12pm] WildDenim: f3rr4rb0y - he said he's 34
    [9:12pm] Linearity: that theme
    [9:12pm] Dolk left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
    [9:12pm] drkupo: not a single sentence
    [9:12pm] WildDenim: then 25
    [9:12pm] drkupo: without self ownage
    [9:12pm] Linearity: danboooooooooooooooooooo
    [9:12pm] bobrules:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:12pm] f3rr4rb0y: ...
    [9:12pm] f3rr4rb0y: wow
    [9:12pm] bobrules: listen to loch lomond
    [9:12pm] f3rr4rb0y: OOOoooOOOo
    [9:12pm] f3rr4rb0y: CBC
    [9:12pm] bobrules: that's my choir
    [9:12pm] drkupo: no.
    [9:12pm] WildDenim: loch lomond? where is it at?
    [9:12pm] drkupo: york region children's
    [9:12pm] WildDenim: lol
    [9:12pm] bobrules: Im the lead singer
    [9:12pm] drkupo: tats you
    [9:12pm] drkupo: york region children's
    [9:12pm] bobrules:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:13pm] Linearity: S4 LEAGUE
    [9:13pm] bobrules: the girl singing is me
    [9:13pm] f3rr4rb0y: Are you the one on the right?
    [9:13pm] drkupo: York Region Children's Choir <-- you
    [9:13pm] WildDenim: speaking of loch lomond i go there every sunday
    [9:13pm] bobrules: it sounds like a girl
    [9:13pm] WildDenim: apart from tomorrow
    [9:13pm] drizzt888 joined the chat room.
    [9:13pm] drkupo: this is the best convo
    [9:13pm] bobrules: my choir is great
    [9:13pm] drkupo: yeah
    [9:13pm] drkupo: York Region Children's Choir
    [9:13pm] drkupo: 4 lyfe
    [9:14pm] Sephi:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
    [9:14pm] f3rr4rb0y: ...
    [9:14pm] drkupo: someone post this log
    [9:14pm] drkupo: its the best log
    [9:14pm] bobrules: My brother goes on the forum
    [9:14pm] bobrules: i go on irc
    [9:15pm] bobrules: WildDenim are you listening to it
    [9:15pm] drkupo: none of this is true
    [9:15pm] drkupo: jsut lies
    [9:15pm] drkupo: constant lies
    [9:15pm] WildDenim: so basically you are breaking rules for account sharing?
    [9:15pm] f3rr4rb0y: Sephi <- Will you enjoy Sega CD graphics?
    [9:15pm] WildDenim: no
    [9:15pm] drkupo: lie after lie after lie
    [9:15pm] bobrules: fine lol that was just a random site
    [9:15pm] [M]artin: What's the Max Avatar Size again?
    [9:16pm] bobrules: cant believe you people believe me
    [9:16pm] f3rr4rb0y: THE THE RULES
    [9:16pm] bobrules: For real, I'm actually 18
    [9:16pm] Sephi: 100x140 @ 25KBps
    [9:16pm] drkupo: no
    [9:16pm] drkupo: 12.
    [9:16pm] f3rr4rb0y: I'm 13
    [9:16pm] Sephi: 25KB *
    [9:16pm] bobrules: drkupo ask me any question
    [9:16pm] drkupo: im 999
    [9:16pm] [M]artin: Sephi: thx
    [9:16pm] Salaman: what the eff, my microSD reader started working again
    [9:16pm] drkupo: bobrules, how old are you
    [9:16pm] bobrules: 12
    [9:16pm] Salaman: shit this thing is random
    [9:16pm] drkupo: bobrules, why do you use retarded mom jokes
    [9:16pm] f3rr4rb0y: ?
    [9:16pm] drkupo: bobrules, how are tits "EWW"
    [9:16pm] bobrules: I learned it on the internet
    [9:16pm] drkupo: bobrules why are you fucking retarded
    [9:16pm] drkupo: ,etc
    [9:16pm] f3rr4rb0y: Salaman <- was it a pack-in?
    [9:17pm] Salaman: no
    [9:17pm] bobrules: you know why
    [9:17pm] f3rr4rb0y: So it works when it wants to?
    [9:17pm] bobrules: I'm actually a girl
    [9:17pm] Salaman: well it worked the whole time before with regular SD cards
    [9:17pm] f3rr4rb0y: Know names their girl "bob"
    [9:17pm] Salaman: microSD cards it hates
    [9:17pm] bobrules: bob is my idol
    [9:17pm] bobrules: I'm pwning you all
    [9:18pm] drkupo: no.
    [9:18pm] bobrules: 1 vs 7
    [9:18pm] drkupo: unless self rape is pwnage
    [9:18pm] f3rr4rb0y: lol
    [9:18pm] bobrules: I ate too much suger
    [9:18pm] f3rr4rb0y: Dark Knights ending was a cliffhanger
    [9:18pm] bobrules: sugar/
    [9:18pm] drkupo: feral
    [9:18pm] drkupo: did you hear the neck crack
    [9:18pm] drkupo: during the final talking scene?
    [9:18pm] f3rr4rb0y: Yes
    [9:18pm] drkupo: i saw it in an empty threatre the wens before it came out
    [9:18pm] drkupo: was real clear
    [9:19pm] WildDenim: [02:17]<bobrules>I'm actually a girl
    [9:19pm] WildDenim: GTFO!
    [9:19pm] bobrules: I don't know if joker died or not
    [9:19pm] WildDenim: i'm only girl here!
    [9:19pm] f3rr4rb0y: I was like "Yey, Two-fae
    [9:19pm] f3rr4rb0y: ce
    [9:19pm] f3rr4rb0y: There were some kids in the row behind me
    [9:19pm] drizzt888: joker died and the next one has his brother thats the excuse for a new one
    [9:20pm] drkupo: LOL
    [9:20pm] drkupo: yeah his brother
    [9:20pm] drkupo: is 25
    [9:20pm] drkupo: he's 34
    [9:20pm] inf-: WildDenim nope i am as well
    [9:20pm] f3rr4rb0y: The kids were like
    [9:20pm] bobrules: and how come batman didn't die
    [9:20pm] WildDenim: now he's saying 18
    [9:20pm] WildDenim: inf...for real?
    [9:20pm] f3rr4rb0y: Two-face, Like in the show?
    [9:20pm] drkupo: inf lol<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->
  2. DrKupo

    DrKupo Resistance: Fall of Gbatemp

    Jan 4, 2006
    United States
    East Coast, USA
    only on irc... [​IMG]
  3. bobrules

    bobrules GBAtemp Advanced Maniac

    Apr 20, 2006
    OMG someone was using my name.
  4. DrKupo

    DrKupo Resistance: Fall of Gbatemp

    Jan 4, 2006
    United States
    East Coast, USA
    No, that's not true. you WHOIS'd to the EXACT same results as usual, complete with the same IP/"GO LEAFS" crap.

    *sigh* another lie from bobrules. typical *sigh*
  5. DrKupo

    DrKupo Resistance: Fall of Gbatemp

    Jan 4, 2006
    United States
    East Coast, USA
    oh bobrules, never change

    [22:14:45] I take my copyrgihts back
    [22:14:55] plagerism!
  6. fischju

    fischju Rehabilitated Jaywalker

    Jan 11, 2008
    United States
    By god, all of you suck
  7. GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 15, 2008
    nice : )
  8. Linkiboy

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    May 14, 2006
    United States
  9. DrKupo

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    Jan 4, 2006
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    Except me!
  10. science

    science science rules

    Jun 9, 2006
    I stopped reading at

    [8:19pm] drkupo: do the world a favor

    All it was was DrKupo telling bobrules to kill himself for no reason, I found it annoying.

    Also, you can't shoot yourself with a shotgun unless you use your feet
  11. DrKupo

    DrKupo Resistance: Fall of Gbatemp

    Jan 4, 2006
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    East Coast, USA
    oh please keep reading it gets MUCH, MUCH better.
  12. GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 15, 2008
    this was one of the best quality posts i've ever read.
    and i'm not being sarcastic.
  13. Mewgia

    Mewgia drifter

    Dec 16, 2006
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    Boston, MA
    He didn't mention suicide pretty much at all after that

    Face it, you have ADD.
  14. podunk1269

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    lol I bet bobrules and bobevil the same person. Didn't Bob evil run a scam contest here?
  15. noONE

    noONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    May 24, 2007
    Linköping/Norrköping, Sweden.
    ... no Bobevil was a nice person..
    and the persons who won, recieved their prices..
    (not that they had payed him or smth, he was GIVING them away, so he didn't really owe them anything anyway..)
  16. podunk1269

    podunk1269 GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 26, 2007
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    West ByGod , USA
    No they didn't I was a winner and didnt, neither did hankchill. He talked to me on aim, asked me if i had received it, then blocked me on aim. He even told me what my mystery prize was and everything, but no the winners did not recieve our prizes.

    Which sucks, cause I really enjoyed talking to Matt. He was a very nice guy, but after that I wonder if he was full of BS
  17. wilddenim

    wilddenim Candy!

    Sep 4, 2007
    No, stay away from BobEvil. He's literally evil. Girls, stay away from him. I'm engaged myself and is in happy relationship but he told some members here that I've been stalking him and was desperate to have a relationship with him. I mean, come on! Why would I want to have a relationship online with someone I barely know? He's nuts. Worse than Bobsucks, I can tell you that.

    He even told strings of lies here. I can list them here, but you all need a week to read it through. So I wouldn't like to litter the testing area with his lies.

  18. podunk1269

    podunk1269 GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 26, 2007
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    West ByGod , USA

    Show me one user that got thier prize
  19. Shinji

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    I read *most* of that and all I got out of it was

    [8:19pm] drkupo: ill put it in your mouth