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    Jul 11, 2006
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    [​IMG] The Temper Post: Issue #7
    And You Thought It Was Over?
    I proudly present you with Issue #7 of the Temper Post - a weekly summary of all that's been going on in the GBAtemp Network and the gaming World in general!

    I recently was unable to continue the Temper Post due to my personal life.
    I cannot continue to do this weekly, at least not by myself!
    You should see an update soon on this post describing where to go if interested in helping continue the Temper Post stay alive!

    This week, I regret to inform you that we have neither a Wii game or Homebrew review.
    But, to make up for it we've got three DS game reviews - Super Dodgeball review by JPH, LEGO Indiana Jones review by Hadrian, and Summon Night: Twin Age review by Sleeping Dragon...thanks to both of you!
    Also, Hadrian and Narin have their own new sections added - you'll just have to peak inside to see what they're about, now won't you?
    There are also a few other small changes such as WiiWare releases being covered (though there was no WiiWare news this week). Also, see if you can find my little furry friend hidden inside the the Temper Post!

    [​IMG] Read the Temper Post: Issue #7

    Update: Interested in helping out with the Temper Post? Then come here!
    Due to the fact I'm organizing a team to help with the Temper Post and I'm just starting a job, there probably won't be one this week.
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    Jul 11, 2006
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    <div align="center"><img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b285/jph11200/TTP.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></div>
    <div align="center"><b><!--sizeo:2--><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->May 31st - June 7th, 2008<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--></b></div>

    Hello, and welcome to the seventh issue of the <b>Temper Post</b>!
    The Temper Post is a weekly recap of all that's been going on on the GBAtemp Network and the gaming world. Have a nice read!

    <fieldset><legend><b>Contents & Index:</b></legend><ul><li><a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#a">GBAtemp & Scene News</a></li><li><a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b">Weekly DS Game and Homebrew Reviews</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b">DS Game Reviews of the Week</a>
    <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blank.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blank:" border="0" alt="blank.gif" />- <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b1">Super Dodgeball Brawlers Review</a>
    <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blank.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blank:" border="0" alt="blank.gif" />- <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b2">LEGO Indiana Jones Review</a>
    <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blank.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blank:" border="0" alt="blank.gif" />- <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b3">Summon Night: Twin Age Review</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b4">Wii Review of the Week</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#b5">Homebrew Review of the Week</a></li><li> <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#d">Virtual Console & WiiWare News This Week</a></li><li><a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#f">Interesting Gaming News and Articles</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#f1">Interesting Gaming News</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#f2">GBA Forgotten Gems</a>
    - <a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#f3">Narin's Cheat Corner</a></li><li><a style="text-decoration: none;" href="#g">Community</a></li></ul></fieldset>
    <div class="reviewbreak"><a name="a"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/images/icons/mascot.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> GBAtemp & Scene News</div>
    <p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c8.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Monday, June 2nd</b></p><ul><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=88933" target="_blank">SuperCard DS One v3 Review</a></li></ul><p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c8.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Tuesday, June 3rd</b></p><ul><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89135" target="_blank">Urgent Message To Canadians</a></li></ul><p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c8.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Wednesday, June 4th</b></p><ul><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89253" target="_blank">iTouchDS Firmware 1.7a</a></li><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89281" target="_blank">G6 U-Disk Manager 5.1 / M3 Perfect v36a</a></li><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89304" target="_blank">N5 v1.19</a></li></ul><p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c8.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Thursday, June 5th</b></p><ul><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89477" target="_blank">EZ5+ announced</a></li></ul><p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c8.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Thursday, June 5th</b></p><ul><li><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89556" target="_blank">M3/G6 DS Real System v3.7e</a></li></ul>

    <div class="reviewbreak"><a name="b"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/images/icons/index/review.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> Weekly Game and Homebrew Reviews</div>
    <p><b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c27.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <a name="b1">DS Game Review of the Week</a></b></span></p><div align="center">
    <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=88461" target="_blank"><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/sdbrawlersicon.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a> <b><a name="b1">Super Dodgeball Brawlers</b> Review</a> by <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=JPH' target=_blank title='View profile for member JPH'}>JPH</a></div>
    <div><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/sdbrawlers.png" align="right" hspace="9" vspace="2" /><font color="#000000"><b><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><!--fonto:Arial Black--><span style='font-family: "Arial Black"'><!--/fonto-->D<!--fontc--></span><!--/fontc--></b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->odgeball! Does that word bring back bad memories? Don't worry nerds, we're not in gym class!
    Super Dodgeball Brawlers is the latest addition to the Super Dodgeball series.
    It's a well-known and cherished series. Let's hope that this game meets the standards of the older versions!
    Here's my somewhat short review of Super Dodgeball Brawlers for the Nintendo DS.

    When you load up the game, you'll find the menu to be simple and straight forward.
    You can choose between Tournament mode, a quick VS match, Brawl (which is unique to the series; more about that later), the Locker Room (to edit your team), and Options.

    So, how's the gameplay different from previous versions?
    It's not. Basically the same as the older versions, except with twists.

    If you've got no clue what dodgeball is, then I'll fill you in.
    Dodgeball is a sport, and the object is to hit the opposing team with a rubber ball.
    Once that person is hit with the ball, they're eliminated from the game.
    If you don't dodge the ball, you're out!
    You throw the ball back and forth at each other, until one team is eliminated - meaning you're the winner.

    You and your team are playing dodgeball. You're playing a field, divided in half for your team and the opponent.
    You'll need to grab the ball and chuck it at the opposing team!

    Depending on what version you've got, gameplay speed varies. In the Japanese version of the game, the gameplay is slower and can be frustrating. Fortunately, in the US version, the developer's addressed that problem and increased gameplay speed.
    What's so very unique about this version is the ability to "brawl." You can punch and kick the other team during a game!
    There's even an entire mini-game devoted to brawling (Brawl mode, as mentioned above), where you're in a one big pit and it's you against the other team...and there are no rules!
    Another unique feature in this version is that during a game, you can pick up and use items (weapons) to use against the opposing team to give you an edge.

    The controls (which is entirely played with the buttons, excluding tapping the touchscreen for a powerup) and game are very easy to pick up. Unfortunately, playing through the game is quite easy too. I've found that even playing under the hardest settings, the game is very easy to complete. The gameplay lacks some seriousness difficulty, and gameplay will get boring quickly.
    If you want harder gameplay, you'll have to find someone on the same skill level to play you in Multiplayer mode.
    Unfortunately, there's no online Wi-Fi mode in this game, which is badly needed.

    The graphics aren't the best, but don't look bad either.
    They're not ugly or blotchy; they suit the game just fine.
    The music isn't bad either - nothing to complain about there.

    Super Dodgeball Brawlers is a decent game. Old fans of the series will fall in love again, as well as many others new to the series. The gameplay may be easy, but it's enjoyable. The new Brawl mode and items make the gameplay more interesting. Graphics and music are just fine. Super Dodgeball Brawlers is basically a revamped version of the previous versions, with slightly better graphics and the unique twist of items and ability to Brawl.
    It lives up to the standards of the series, and definitely deserves a spot on your flashcart!
    <b>Final score: <!--sizeo:2--><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->7.5<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--></b>

    <div align="center"><a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89123" target="_blank"><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/legoindyicon.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a> <b><a name="b2">LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures</a></b> Review by <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=Hadrian' target=_blank title='View profile for member Hadrian'}>Hadrian</a></div>
    <div><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/legoindybox.png" align="right" hspace="9" vspace="2" /><font color="#000000"> <b><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><!--fonto:Arial Black--><span style='font-family: "Arial Black"'><!--/fonto-->P<!--fontc--></span><!--/fontc--></b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->layed Lego Star Wars Complete Saga? This is practically the same thing, but a lot less fun.

    The game engine is fine, it looks very good, a little dark on my chunky DS but not too bad. The camera can sometimes be dumber than a drunk & high Paris Hilton. Sometimes platforms hide your character & sometimes you fall of the edge of things because the camera doesn't show it. The level design is fine.

    I can't say I like the way you fight in this game, in LEGO Star Wars it was fun with sabres and using the force and all that but in this game it feels uneven You can punch, whip or use a weapon (depending on the character) but to be honest I'd rather just avoid all combat when I can. Another thing is the stupid forced touch screen controls, they do nothing to add to the game and seem more prominent than in LSW, but they can be bypassed by pressing a button instead making them even more pointless.

    The AI is pretty dumb too, most of the time I fount that the supporting characters were more of a hindrance than a help.

    Sound is alright, the music does get repetitive but it follows the film nicely. Sound effects are the same as the Star Wars games.

    I fount the game to be fun if played in short intervals, though each movie will take about an hour to finish, the levels seemed too long. The main game is too short but they can be replayed with other characters to discover things that you couldn't before but most people probably won't be arse.

    The game lacks the charm of the three Star Wars games, and it does feel like I've played the game before. Now Indiana Jones fans may enjoy this more (I find the films to be just ok) but then I don't like the Star Wars films and I fount those games to be fun so maybe it is just the game.

    So all in all its not a bad game, it is good its just lacking something "new". If you own a Wii, PS2, PS3 or 360 than you'll be better off with those as the game I feel also required a bigger screen due to its cinematic license. I'm hoping that the forthcoming LEGO Batman game has some new ideas implemented so that it doesn't suffer the same fate as this game.
    <b>Final score: <!--sizeo:2--><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->6.0<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--></b>

    <div align="center">
    <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89363" target="_blank"><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/smtaicon.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a> <b><a name="b3">Summon Night: Twin Age</b> Review</a> by <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=SleepingDragon' target=_blank title='View profile for member SleepingDragon'}>SleepingDragon</a></div>
    <div><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/SummonNightbox.png" align="left" hspace="9" vspace="2" /><font color="#000000"><b><!--sizeo:5--><span style="font-size:18pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><!--fonto:Arial Black--><span style='font-family: "Arial Black"'><!--/fonto-->N<!--fontc--></span><!--/fontc--></b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->ow today, boys and girls, we’re going to be learning about something that is very pretty, and incredibly fresh. It’s something that promises a lot of fun and diversion, but in the end, lacks intellect and depth. Are we talking about a Barrack Obama Presidential campaign rally? No. Maybe an evening alone with Jessica Simpson? Not this time. We’re talking about Atlus’s new adventure RPG game Summon Night:Twin Age.

    Fortunately for DS gamers, Atlus has a solid history of producing high-quality action and adventure titles. And just over the last couple of months, releases such as Rondo of Swords and Drone Tactics have shown their increasing levels of creativity and a penchant for taking risks. But if you are looking for anything more than just a fun, pretty good game, Summon Night might leave you feeling a little disappointed.

    The story begins with a nicely produced introduction into the world of Summon Night, a world called Clardona. In this world two races coexist side by side, the Kascuza and the Humans. Also in this world are spirits which control and intersect with all of nature. The primary difference that separates the Humans and Kascuza are their differing views of how they should interact with these spirits. Humans see themselves as masters over the spirits, making the spirits bend to their wishes. The Kascuza, on the other hand, view their role as one of supporting and nurturing of the spirits. It is these differing views that are the primary driving forces behind the story. As you can already tell, this is your typical adventure RPG game literary backdrop. You know what I’m talking about, <i>“the spirits are in trouble. We must help the spirits, or the world goes in the toilet. The spirits. THE SPIRITS. <b>THE SPIRITS!!</b> Yada, yada, yada.”</i> The Two Kascuza that the story revolves around, Aldo and Reiha, are best friends who consider themselves brother and sister. It is their job to find out why the spirits are in trouble and help them, as they battle various monsters and creatures along the way. And although it isn’t Shakespeare, it is certainly well-written and capable enough to carry the story forward and provide a proper stage for the true stars of the show, the gameplay and graphics. 6/10

    This is definitely one area of the game where the developers took a calculated risk. All controls, including all character movement and battle-related actions are stylus-based, utilizing the touchscreen much like Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I am sure many will wish for an alternate d-pad control option, but there is none available. But as you get deeper into the journey, it becomes obvious that this was the best choice for this particular game. And in much the same way as Zelda, this choice, simply put, just works. Believe me, I haven’t always been the biggest proponent of stylus-based controls, but titles such as these have brought me around on the subject. The Nintendo DS’ touchscreen is such a standout feature, many developers have struggled to utilize it efficiently. Atlus certainly hits the mark here, taking advantage of all it’s strengths, without overcomplicating the experience. You also use the stylus heavily when interacting with the world map and other side quests that you can choose to undertake. These elements are also creative and user-friendly. 8/10

    The artistic design and graphics of this game are creative and fresh. It is clear that a lot of time and effort went into making sure that the Japanese-style anime characters and scenery didn’t look like every other game of it’s kind. From the opening scenes through ‘til the end, the visual effects are definitely first rate. In many games of this genre, you feel as though you are looking at the exact same characters and the exact same scenery you’ve seen a countless number of times. It’s like there’s a big book out there entitled “Standard Japanese-style Characters and Scenery”, and the video game laws mandate that all developers re-use the same tired artwork over and over again. But, it’s pretty obvious that Atlus at the very least made a token effort to create visuals that were a bit more original, and it shows in the end product. 8/10

    Not much to report here. The music can best be described as, well, “there”. It exists. Nothing fancy, nothing unique, but solid and well-produced. This is certainly not the type of soundtrack that will have you running to your computer to load it up on your ipod. And while you won’t be humming these tunes in the shower (you seriously need to broaden your musical horizons), they fit in very well with the story’s ambience and overall feel. 7/10

    Overall, this is a creative, fun game. Not a great game, but a good game. But for all the positives of this title, there are some clear problems that are a little hard to understand. The first of which is the issue of multi-play. Simply put, there is none. And in a game that has you operating for almost the entire story in a party of 2-6 adventures at a time, a good multi-player option is a clear no-brainer. Just think of how much less enjoyable Final Fantasy CC:Ring of Fates without it’s multi-play quests, and it illustrates the glaring need Summon Nights this title has for the same. “Re-playability” is always a primary concern of mine when evaluating games, and this glaring omission seriously damages it’s prospects. This game feels much like a “One and Done” game: Meaning that once you initially conquer Summon Night, you probably won’t be compelled to play it much after that.

    Secondly, and this is a complaint I have for most releases of this type, the game becomes easier and more predictable as you get further along. Now granted, some of the mechanics and nuances should become easier, but the journey itself should get harder. The last thing I want in a video game is something that challenges me for 10 minutes, then by chapter 3 or 4, I’ve already figured out the ending. It’s like watching a movie and figuring out who did it 20 minutes into the film. I mean, come on, take some twists and turns for a while. Show me a few things I didn’t expect to see. Introduce me to some concepts I hadn’t considered. Then finally, at the end, knock me upside the head with a “holy crap, I didn’t see that coming”-type moment. You know, like Bruce Willis’s character figuring out that he is actually dead at the end of the movie “The Sixth Sense” (*he stares down at his ringless finger, as his own wedding ring roles around on the floor* What a great moment!). But alas, in the days of hurried sequels, big profits, and dump trucks full of shovel-ware, putting that much time and thought into a video game appears to be seriously out of style. Well-written, thought-provoking, titles like The World Ends with You and Final Fantasy CC:Ring of Fates seem to be the exception these days, not the rule. And while very good, Summon Night doesn’t quite reach the Pantheon of truly great DS titles such as Zelda:PH and TWEWY. What it does accomplish, though, is a marriage of creative artistry and fun, hands-on gameplay. These factors alone should make Atlus’ adventure RPG Summon Night:Twin Age a popular title that aptly sets the stage for more like it in the future.
    <b>Final score: <!--sizeo:2--><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->7.0<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--></b>

    <p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c108.gif" /> <a name="b4"><b>Wii Game Review of the Week</b></a></p>
    <i>No Wii Review This Week</i>

    <p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c85.gif" /> <a name="b5"><b>Homebrew Review of the Week</b></a></p>
    <i>No Homebrew Review This Week</i>

    <div class="reviewbreak"><a name="d"><img src="http://sinkhead.gbatemp.net/misc/classic_remote.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> Virtual Console & WiiWare News This Week</div>
    <p><b><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c103.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> Virtual Console: Ninja Combat (NeoGeo) -USA-</b></p>
    <a href="http://jph.gbatemp.net/ninjacombatlarge.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/ninjacombatsmall.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a>

    A scrolling beat 'em up with ninjas. It was one of the earlier NeoGeo games to be released.
    It's available for purchase at the price of 900 Wii Points.

    <div class="reviewbreak"><a name="f"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/images/icons/index/essentialgames.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> Interesting Gaming News and Articles</div>
    <p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c167.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><a name="f1">Interesting Gaming News</a></b></p><ul><li><b><a href="http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/dracula_ds3/" target="_blank">Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Trailer</a></b>
    A trailer for the new Castlevania game for the DS has been released.

    </li><li><b><a href="http://wii.ign.com/articles/879/879057p1.html" target="_blank">Tenchu 4 Set For Wii</a></b>
    A new Tenchu game is coming to the Wii. It is set to be released in Japan on October 23.

    </li><li><b><a href="http://kotaku.com/5012535/itagaki-leaving-tecmo-suing-tecmo" target="_blank">Tomonobu Itagaki leaves Tecmo</a></b>
    Tomonobu, the creator of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, is left Team Ninja and is also suing them.

    </li><li><b><a href="http://media.ds.ign.com/media/856/856273/vids_1.html" target="_blank">Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Trailer</a></b>
    A trailer for the new Sonic game for the DS has been released.

    </li><li><b><a href="http://www.maxconsole.net/?mode=news&newsid=28140" target="_blank">Guitar Hero DS Lite Bundle</a></b>
    Toys 'R' Us has listed a Nintendo DS Lite Guitar Hero bundle that will come with a special edition Guitar Hero: On Tour DS Lite as well as the Guitar Hero: On Tour game itself.</li></ul>
    <p><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c12.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><a name="f2">GBA Forgotten Gems</a></b></p>
    All following articles in this section were written by <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=Hadrian' target=_blank title='View profile for member Hadrian'}>Hadrian</a>.

    <!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>Medal of Honor: Infiltrator</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

    <b>Published By: </b>EA Games <b>Developed By: </b> Netherock Ltd.
    <b>Released: </b>November 17th 2003 <b>GBA ROM Number:</b> #0432
    <b>Genre: </b> WWII Overhead Action <b>Game Ranking: </b> 80/100
    <b>Features:</b> Cartridge Save (3 Slots), Gamecube connectivity with MoH: Rising Sun, Two players co-op with two carts.

    So we all know that MoH: Underground was one of the worst GBA titles in existance, but this game is a different beast. Essentially its just like the console MoH games but with a overhead view point. Like the console game you can either just go ape crazy and run around shooting folk Commando style or you can be more cautious and use stealth which is always the best option for this game.

    As well as the overhead sections there are also Operation Wolf style first person style shooting & sniper levels which help break up the gameplay. There are also some very fun levels where you have to drive around too. Graphically, I can't fault it. Levels look great, everything is well designed and also I have never had any slowdown at all. The sound is very atmospheric, keeping with what the series has implemented including a great soundtrack. There are also the black & white video cutscenes that tell you about what is going down in each mission. Overall the developers have done such an amazing job in keeping the same feel of the console games to the GBA that I wished that EA had them do a sequel or work on other GBA games but sadly Netherock Ltd never made another game afterwards. A great loss to gaming I feel.

    Sadly it feels a little too short, there are only 15 levels in all and none of them are that long. One nice addition to this game is that if you link it up with the Gamecube version of MoH: Rising Sun, you get an very good overhead map to help you with that game.

    <b>Final Score: 8.5</b>

    <a href="http://uk.media.gameboy.ign.com/media/569/569589/vids_1.html" target="_blank">Video Link</a>

    <img src="http://img34.picoodle.com/img/img34/4/6/4/f_MOHm_e4aa729.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    <!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis </b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

    <b>Published By: </b>Atlus <b>Developed By: </b> Quest
    <b>Released: </b>May 6th 2002 <b>GBA ROM Number:</b> #0432
    <b>Genre: </b> Turn Based Strategy <b>Game Ranking: </b> 83/100
    <b>Features:</b> Cartridge Save (3 Slots + Interrupt save), Two players with two carts, multiple endings.

    Screw Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, this is the real GBA Tactic classic. Its a party based tactical combat on a isometric view that the series has endured, and it is all still menu based. If you've played these sort of games before, you pretty much know what to expect, only this is better than most of them.

    The game is an extremely deep and fulfilling, with an extremely rich story with plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked during the 40 odd hour game. Graphically it is very good, rich colours, brilliantly animated characters and maps that fit the game so well. Static screenshots don't do this game any justice, it needs to be seen on a GBA or top screen of the DS.

    There are a couple of problems with this that stop this from being a perfect game. The sounds & music are just really really plain and average, absolutely nothing to write home about at all. Also some of the battles last for ages! At one point I had one going for about 40 minutes, can't say I've ever had that in a Tactic game before. So lets just say its not a game you can pick up and play for short sessions.

    Still saying that this is a very well realised, deep, fun and exciting turn based strategy title that is essential for the GBA gamer.

    <b>Final Score: 9.0</b>

    <a href="http://youtube.com/watch?v=SddvaMj62ao" target="_blank">Video Link</a>

    <img src="http://img34.picoodle.com/img/img34/4/6/4/f_TOm_c770364.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    <!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

    <b>Published By: </b>Vivendi Games <b>Developed By: </b> Vicarious Visions
    <b>Released: </b>May 15th 2003 <b>GBA ROM Number:</b> #0432
    <b>Genre: </b> Platform Beat-em-up <b>Game Ranking: </b> 79/100
    <b>Features:</b> Cartridge Save (4 Slots)

    Imagine Prince of Persia & Splinter Cell, but you play Bruce Lee, with all the moves & noises, this game is just that. You play Bruce Lee but as Hai Fang, a martial arts student who is seeking revenge on his master's murder by the evil Yakan.

    You run around the levels wall jumping, kicking & punching in many different ways, performing the odd crazy kung fu skill, picking up weapons like nunchucks and just beating the crap out of your enemies. The fighting engine is excellent and very responsive and also the collision between your character and the enemy is spot on. There are the odd stealth bit that kinda feel out of place, they're not too bad and don't ruin the gameplay but you do wish you could just get on with the action.

    The story is pretty good and is certainly a good homage to Bruce Lee's movies. As is the sound which is funkadelic groovy music mixed in with Lee's wails and screams and the "WHASHPOOSH" sound effects that you get with the films. Graphically its spot on, capturing the look and feel of 70's kung fu with so very good animations too. There ain't no slowdown either when things get heated up.

    This game was released with real little fanfare and just limped onto shelves in limited numbers, there was a port on PSX and that was even more hard to find too. Aside from the stealth bits it is a very good solid fun game. It ain't the best Bruce Lee game (Bruce Lee C64 was better for me) but it is the best one that represents him from the movies.

    <b>Final Score: 8.0</b>

    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze1kC55RyKI" target="_blank">Video Link</a>

    <img src="http://img37.picoodle.com/img/img37/4/6/4/f_BLm_8372aff.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    <p><img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b285/jph11200/narin.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><a name="f3">Narin's Cheat Corner</a></b></p>
    Welcome to the first edition of Narin's Cheat Corner, a little section here on the Temper Post for all the cheaters out there, kupo! Expect many interesting hints, cheats and tips for many of your favorite games here. Also, for those out there with a flashcard, which would be most of you, I maintain the official <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=84991" target="_blank"><b>GBATemp Cheat Database</b></a> which contains a massive amount of cheats for over 700 games! As with listing cheats for all the popular games out there, I will give a short run down of the latest weeks changes to the official cheat database to give you all a heads up of what recently has been added.

    At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this new section, kupo! This little 'ol moogle here will do his best to please all of you cheaters out there! If you have any suggestions for the next edition or future updates, please let me know. Also if you have any interesting hints, tips, cheats or useful tidbits for new or popular games, feel free to PM me them for the next edition.

    <!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>Hints, Tips and Cheats</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

    <b><!--coloro:#8B0000--><span style="color:#8B0000"><!--/coloro-->NDS: The World Ends With You<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b>
    Did you guys notice those character sprites at the save screen? Well, they aren't just some random eye candy! You can unlock more characters for the save screen as you progress through the game and also fulfill certain objectives. You can unlock Beat, Joshua, Shiki, Mr. Hanekoma, Rhyme and also one of her noise form as well. Beat, Joshua and Shiki are the easiest to unlock, all you need to do is beat their chapters. For Mr. Hanekoma though, you need to unlock all the scret reports after you beat the game. For Rhyme, you need to collect every item in the game, so start collecting those threads! For her noise form, this one is a doozy, you need to complete the noise list. Oh and one last tidbit while we're on the matter of the save screen, did you know that you can view the total play time by pressing and R at the same time?

    <b><!--coloro:#8B0000--><span style="color:#8B0000"><!--/coloro-->Wii: Super Mario Galaxy<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b>
    Having fun collecting all those stars? There is a total of 120 of them! Did you know you can unlock something special when you collect all of them? While I won't spoil the surprise, when you collect all 120 of them, go and visit Rosalina back at the Comet Observatory and request to go fight that old grouchy lizard, Bowser, again! Afterwards, wait until the credits are finished scrolling by and you should get a message stating a little surprise has been unlocked!

    <!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>The Massive Cheat Database Changelog</b><!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

    <b><!--coloro:#8B0000--><span style="color:#8B0000"><!--/coloro-->New Games added this week<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b>
    Bokura No Taiyou DS (J)
    Etrian Odyssey (E)
    Front Mission 2089 Border of Madness (J)
    George Of The Jungle (E)
    Jigoku Shoujo Akekazu (J)
    Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (E)
    Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (U)
    Summon Night: Twin Age (U)
    Super Dodgebal Brawlers (U)
    Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingy's (U)

    <b><!--coloro:#8B0000--><span style="color:#8B0000"><!--/coloro-->Games updated this week<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></b>
    Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (U)
    Digimon World: Dawn (U)
    Drone Tactics (U)
    Etrian Odyssey (E)
    Etrian Odyssey (U)
    Jump Ultimate Stars (J)
    Jump Ultimate Stars (J) [English]
    Pokemon: Diamond (E)
    Sonic Rush (U)
    Summon Night Twin Edge: Seireitachi no Kyoumei (J)
    Summon Night: Twin Age (U)
    Super Dodgeball Brawlers (U)
    The World Ends With You (E)
    The World Ends With You (U)

    That's it for this week! Don't forget to visit the <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=84991" target="_blank">GBAtemp Cheat Database thread</a> for the latest cheat updates!

    <div class="reviewbreak"><a name="f"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/images/icons/index/forum.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> Community</div>
    <P><img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b285/jph11200/Topic-1.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Topic of the Week</b> goes to <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=Densetsu' target=_blank title='View profile for member Densetsu'}>Densetsu</a> and his <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89197" target="_blank">The M3 Sakura FAQ topic</a></p>
    A well-written FAQ on the new M3 firmware and flashcart, M3 Sakura.
    It provides download links and should answer many of your questions about this new firmware.

    <P><img src="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b285/jph11200/Reply.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">Post of the Week</b></span> goes to <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=HeatMan Advance' target=_blank title='View profile for member HeatMan Advance'}>HeatMan Advance</a> in the <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?s=&showtopic=89644&view=findpost&p=1193743" target="_blank">DS #2343: The Incredible Hulk (USA) thread</a></p>
    He posted some good advice to take before you decide to diss a game - never just judge a game by screenshots, play it first before you form an opinion!
    Also, he did make a good point about how games don't have to be 3D to be fun.
    <!--QuoteBegin-HeatMan Advance+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(HeatMan Advance)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteEBegin-->Has anyone here actually played it? People aren't just by going by screen shots and bandwagoning, are they?

    CoD4 was good and had a clean framerate unlike Brothers in choppy arms. A 3D game would be good, but that doesn't mean squat if it plays like crap. There's nothing wrong with side scrollers if they play good and there are plenty better than most 3D games. Look at the Stronghold series on PC.

    It doesn't work on R4 with 1.18 kernel. I guess I can't try it until the next update.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c171.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">Blog Entry of the Week</b></span> goes to <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89158" target="_blank">Eternal Myst's Blog Entry - Racist pieces of crap~</a></p>
    The top most-replied blog entry of this week.
    Eternal Myst recently got into some trouble and could use all the advice you can give!

    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/style_emoticons/default/tpi.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Testing Area Topic of the Week</b> goes to the <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89392" target="_blank">BoneMonkey Madness! topic</a></p>
    Share your BoneMonkey-related images!

    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c23.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /><b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">Avatar of the Week</b></span> goes to <a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=tinymonkeyt' target=_blank title='View profile for member tinymonkeyt'}>tinymonkeyt</a></p>
    <img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/tinymonkeytavatar.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />


    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c3.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">KYT Sessions This Week</b></p></span><ul><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=CrystalSweet' target=_blank title='View profile for member CrystalSweet'}>CrystalSweet</a> - <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=88809" target="_blank">Session</a></li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=tinymonkeyt' target=_blank title='View profile for member tinymonkeyt'}>tinymonkeyt</a> - <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89244" target="_blank">Session</a></li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=Mars' target=_blank title='View profile for member Mars'}>Mars</a> - <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89621" target="_blank">Session</a></li></ul>
    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c7.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">Birthdays This Week</b></span></p><ul><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=TheSpade' target=_blank title='View profile for member TheSpade'}>TheSpade</a> (33)</li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=Vince989' target=_blank title='View profile for member Vince989'}>Vince989</a> (23)</li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=acoustic.digital' target=_blank title='View profile for member acoustic.digital'}>acoustic.digital</a> (19)</li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=artic_flame' target=_blank title='View profile for member artic_flame'}>artic_flame</a> (17)</li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=chuckstudio' target=_blank title='View profile for member chuckstudio'}>chuckstudio</a> (16) </li><li><a href='http://gbatemp.net/member.php?name=RayorDragonFall' target=_blank title='View profile for member RayorDragonFall'}>RayorDragonFall</a> (16)</li></ul><a href="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b285/jph11200/Bingo.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://gbatemp.net/style_emoticons/default/blank.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a>
    <P><img src="http://jph.gbatemp.net/search.png" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b><span style="font-size:10pt;line-height:100%">Temper Tips</b></span></P>
    A new feature has been added to GBAtemp: you can now view the top-rated NDS, Wii, and GBA Releases. This feature displays three lists, all containing the top 25 rated releases. You can view this new feature <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?act=module&module=top" target="_blank">here</a>. Don't forget to vote for every new release!

    <P><img src="http://gbatemp.net/html/lp/c156.gif" border="0" class="linked-image" /> <b>Next Week's DS and Wii Release List Topic by Hadrian</b></P>
    See what DS & Wii games are coming out next week <a href="http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=89424" target="_blank">here</a>.

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  3. Satangel

    Satangel BEAST

    Nov 27, 2006
    Wow, great work again [​IMG]
    Really like the GBA Forgotten Gems section
  4. cosmiccow

    cosmiccow Original Hippie

    Feb 5, 2008
    Gambia, The
    cool cool...
    also love the Forgotten Gems section. gonna check out MoH. that looks shaweet! [​IMG]
  5. pilotwangs

    pilotwangs GBAtemp Maniac

    Jan 20, 2008
    YESSSS,Im so glad its back(hope someone helps in bringing this out)

    I enjoyed the reviews,and really like the forgotten games bit.
  6. TLSpartan

    TLSpartan Kills threads

    Oct 20, 2006
    All of the GBA release numbers in the Forgotten Gems section are the same [​IMG]
  7. noONE

    noONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    May 24, 2007
    Nice seeing this back! [​IMG] good work.
    Lego Indiana Jones was indeed a bit "meh" in singleplayer, but i'm playing it in Co-Op with my younger sister, and we're having a great time with it [​IMG] it's really fun [​IMG]
    might also check out MoH for GBA after seeing that "Gem of the past" thingy [​IMG]
  8. B-Blue

    B-Blue slut

    Sep 18, 2006
    YAY! IT'S BACK! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. gizmo_gal

    gizmo_gal QWEEN of the RadioActive Force!!!

    Apr 10, 2008
    United States
    Wow, great job. I love the new additions, GBA forgotten games and the cheat corner--even though, I dont really, uh cheat...

    I think their both cool. I loved GBA more than PB&J and thats saying something to those who know me personally [​IMG]

    I think I'll have to dip into the Cheat Thread sometime though, maybe use some for some [​IMG] fun.

    Alright! Who in the world of GBATemp voted in the GBA section and allowed numbers; 2, 7, 10, 15 and 25 to make the TOP RELEASE LIST!!!--
  10. Opium

    Opium PogoShell it to me ™
    Former Staff

    Dec 22, 2002
    Brilliant post. Great work everyone involved!

    GBA forgotten gems is an excellent idea and I fully endorse Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis. Its one of the best GBA games ever released, much better than FFTA. If you haven't played it go and get a copy.
  11. ZAFDeltaForce

    ZAFDeltaForce Specialist

    Sep 9, 2006
    Excellent work, in particular, the GBA forgotten gems section. Time to dig up some GBA games and have a subtle taste of nostalgia [​IMG]
  12. CockroachMan

    CockroachMan Scribbling around GBATemp's kitchen.

    Jan 14, 2006
    Thanks for bringing it back JPH! Good work! [​IMG]
  13. Murdock

    Murdock GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 26, 2003
    Nice, great work!

    I find Super Dodgeball Brawlers pretty hard though -- I can't figure out the control scheme to be honest.. [​IMG]
  14. ConraDargo

    ConraDargo Flashback Fanatic

    Dec 29, 2003
    Superb GBA Forgotten Gems section - both those titles are on my list of best GBA-games I've ever played \o/
    How I wish that both of them could get a sequel on the DS.
  15. Akoji

    Akoji +5 internets to psyfira for avatar.

    Nov 8, 2002
    Yeah, Tactics Ogre is good, but I never dig the emblem system.

    Awesome Temper Post, I enjoyed the new sections haha.
  16. SavageWaffle

    SavageWaffle GBAtemp Maniac

    Jan 13, 2008
    United States
    Awesome Temper Post! Keep it going!
  17. PapyJason

    PapyJason Newbie

    May 3, 2008
    United States
    Nice one the GBA Forgotten Gems!!!

    keep going!
  18. Narin

    Narin The Cheat Master, kupo!
    Former Staff

    Feb 19, 2008
    United States
    Another great edition of the Temper Post JPH. Also a round of thanks for everyone who contributed to it, keep up the good work everyone. I have to say, this is one of my favorite editions so far.
  19. tinymonkeyt

    tinymonkeyt GBAtemp brat

    Feb 27, 2008
    United States
    yupyup. congrats on another job well done.
    and yayy for my second avatar of the week.
    actually. props to Orc for making it!
  20. Narin

    Narin The Cheat Master, kupo!
    Former Staff

    Feb 19, 2008
    United States
    By the way, congrats on having the avatar of the week, it is so cute after all. *hugs it* Kupo!
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