The "Start" Button - Replaced for the Newest Consoles

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    Irrelevant? It is anything but! It explains the author's experience with the topic at hand (or possible lack thereof), and gives some context to the views expressed by the author in the rest of the article. It gives older readers the warm fuzzies, and it makes the author and by extension the article relatable to readers (barring sociopaths). Including a personal anecdote has been standard practice in articles not written by machines since the advent of modern journalism and the only reason to single out this article in particular for it is some personal beef with the author.
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    ...which is strange as I have no recollection of this AmeliaHeath person. And that disturbs me a little bit. I'm more concerned of this Twitter user who is supposedly talking trash about my article. I would like to know why this person also finds me trashy. Relating to my readers is a key part of how I write; personally, I hate writing to a very specific audience as it loses some valuable discussion that could be had. Anyone that has read my articles and likes them knows that this is my approach to writing: make the article relatable on some note with a broad and grasping ideal so that a lot more people could offer their insight. Sure, this work could have been better, when I look at it now, but that's what makes us human. Sometimes, we make mistakes, and it goes without saying that nobody's perfect. I'm certainly not perfect, and that's why I love to write these types of articles, because it helps me understand my own mistakes in understanding other video gamers' ideologies.
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    one thing that some people has mentioned is the fact that Select and Start do different things.
    sure, back in the day of NES that was the only way to select 2 players on games like Super Mario Bros.
    but now games like Borderlands 2 uses Start to display the pause menu that is used to invite friends online and change options, and Select to display the inventory, map, missions, skills and all that. how you are supposed to do that with just one menu dedicated button???
    games like Zelda Twilight Princess had to be inventive and use the D-Pad for the map and inventory, but in my example above, the D-Pad is used to change weapons too.
    another example I have is from Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, where you need to press Start + A or B to open the pause menu or codec, FUCKING START AND A OR B. that's what happen when you run out of buttons, you need to start making ridiculous combos to make the game working. how are you going to use the codec on Metal Gear Solid 5 on PS4, Options and X???? that's not even possible grabbing the controller the way is supposed to.
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    Actually the code ends with start or, select>start depending on 1 or 2 players.
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    Yeah, it sort of is.
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    Pretty sure Start is not actually part of the code.
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    I forgot
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