The standard "Android vs iOS" question, but from a salesman POV?

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    I currently work selling phones inside a Costco. We offer all our phones at a discount, and of course Apple does not allow us to discount their phones so we do not sell them. (I tend to make the joke of 'the only Apples in the store are in the produce section' to keep things light).

    I'm asking for your advice, fellow GBATempers, of why Android phones are "better" than the iPhone 5. I've already got scans of the latest Consumer Reports magazine where they ranked our phones higher than the iPhone 5, and I've already got the basic sales pitch going about screen size difference and the ability to upgrade the storage space via a microSD card and such, but I've had tons of customers lately who are completely dead-set on the iPhone, and as a new Android user myself I'm looking for some selling points that I can offer as effective arguments.

    Any help is not expected but would be highly appreciated nonetheless.

    EDIT: I should perhaps mention that I had my own iPhone 3GS for a solid 3 years, and am probably the only person in our kiosk who knows anything about iOS (any version)
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    Android isn't better than iOS. Its more of an Apple and Oranges type thing. Because a new iPhone with a new iOS always going to be outclassed by the newest Androd device which in a year is going to be outclassed by the next iPhone with the next iOS. Android has a larger share of the consumer pie because of how flexible and customizable the OS is. Android is on thousands of phones with thousands of different specifications on several carriers at several different prices, promotions, and markdowns. There is a new and better Android phone almost every 3 weeks in a year, and a handful of new ones every 2-4 weeks of the year. Mathmatically, Apple is never going to dominate the Android market any-time soon just like its not dominating the PC market. That and because Apple wants you using their stuff in their way, their software isn't open up to the possibilities of customizing like Android is.

    The most difficult thing in selling to the consumer is that the average consumer is fucking retarded. They're completely ignorant of their own software on their own phones and the hardware specs they're running it on. Your common teenage girl and your average 50 year old father doesn't know what the hell a dual core is. They think storage space and memory are the same thing. Your customers that are dead-set on iPhones are these type of consumers who are ignorant of what they're buying and care only for the brand-name's commodity. Of course Android consumers can be just as stupid. I used to own a G1, flashed Cynagen on it, and my dad thought I stole an entirely different phone. He's and Android lover but doesn't completely understand how it can be modified or what its capable of.

    So just boast about Android being cheaper, comparing the hardware specs, and it's multi-tasking capabilities. Thats about as much as you can do. Dumbing it down is the only hope you have to get to them.
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    Well, also try listing the things you can do on Android that you can't do officially on iOS.

    • Flash, meaning the ability to access more video streaming sites (anime specifically is a big draw). I know iOS had an unofficial test build, but even by the time of iOS5 it was non-functional (literally, stopped working before that point).
    • USB connectors, meaning the ability to hook up cameras or whatever else to the Android device to... do whatever. Depends on the device, phones tend to not have much functionality here.
    • Unofficial tethering is often possible. Tethering via USB without being charged or limited by your service provider with ClockWorkMod's Tether (app, no root or kernel change needed), and there's also FoxFi for bluetooth tethering and shit.
    • You could tell them Google Maps, if you wanted to get a laugh...

    Can't think of anything else that normal people would have a use for right now that iOS locks you out of.

    EDIT: Oh, forgot the most obvious, third-party apps that Apple won't have on the store, like emulators and shit.
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    Actually, Adobe decided to be a dick and they have stopped supporting Flash Player on Android. It only works for people who have ICS or lower.
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    JB here and it works fine. OTA updates don't wipe it, and you can always just grab the APK and install it... because Android actually lets you install what you want.
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    iOS does have USB for cameras and flash media. It just got nerfed to stop feeding more than 350mah over the USB adapter.

    Generally my SGS3 is superior when it comes to media than my IP5, but iOS has a slightly nicer UI than Samsung TouchWiz. HTC Sense is the best I've tried on a HTC DHD.

    On the other hand, iOS has more hit apps than Android. I've got about 200 apps on both phones, but there's only one android game I still play.
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    iOS has Google Maps on the App Store, and according to the Google devs it's "better" than the stock Android version.

    I don't think you should mention this. Mention about other things like affordability (if it's true), customizable options and variety.
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    Preface to this post: The following claims are Android-biased, which is exactly the stance Mr Salesman here asked for.

    Aesthetically, Android can appeal to any consumer. They like iOS? Give them MIUI. They like Windows Phone 7? Give them Launcher 7.

    Like gaming? Android has the best. The ability to hook up any USB device opens the possibility of a full sized controller. Bluetooth makes that even easier with apps like "SixAxis Controller" and "WiiMote Controller" (side note for you, these two apps don't work on HTC devices without changing ROMs.)
    Emulators exist for everything from the Atari to the Dreamcast, constantly getting better looking and faster as the processors improve.
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    Honestly, the most sickening thing about people who are dead set on iPhones, is that most of the time they'll probably just use the thing for calls and texts and nothing else. Can't understand why people would buy a €600+ phone when they can just buy a €50 or less phone that can accomplish the exact same thing. If you're not going to use the operating system or the hardware to its fullest potential, you're just wasting your money.

    Perhaps you should ask them what they wish to use their phone for, and perhaps you can narrow down what phone you think would be far more suitable for them. Perhaps if there are games available only on iOS that they want to play, then fair enough, perhaps an iPhone (unfortunately) is suitable for them. Perhaps if they want to run some basic applications such as having Google Maps or a media player, then suggest a mid-range Android phone. While the S3 is obviously a nice phone for power users, there's simply no reason for the average user to go for it most of the time.

    You should probably look at this problem the other way round. What are the most legitimate reasons for someone to go for an iPhone? What type of customers should be using iPhones?
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    Android user here.

    There are three main aspects that I can see. Technical, price and, for lack of a better term, freedom/competition/abhorrence of apples business practices. Some concepts cross 2 or all of these aspects.
    For me personally, the single biggest factor can be summed up in one word: Choice.

    I'll just ramble a few things on each of the top of my head.

    • Choice! I can buy a low end phone if I just want a bright large(ish) screen for texting, web browsing etc, or buy a high end model if I want gaming and all the bells and whistles
    • Bigger, arguably better screens, of varying sizes
    • Customisability. Even without rooting the phone, you can install alternative 'launchers'. These replace almost all of the interface of the phone and many offer a LOT of options to customise things. I personally use ADW Launcher, but only use a fraction of its options.
    • MicroSD slots for cheap storage expansion.
    • Processors of higher clock speed/more cores/better GPUs. The standardisation (very few hardware variations) of apples products does lead to things being more optimised, and to be honest IOS is in many ways more efficient. Many of those ways are more about trade offs, eg do you allow background apps to run as they wish, or do you lock them down to very limited resources like IOS. Its not always clear cut better or worse, but rather trade-offs and some ppl will prefer the benefit of each end of them.
    • Some people seem to love the proper stylus input on the note series. The styluses for normal capacitive touchscreens are rather crap.
    Price (Pretty damn obvious, and for better or (likely) worse the biggest factor for many):
    • Choice! The android ecosystem allows multiple manufacturers to make phones that can (performance permitting) all run the same applications. This creates competition and drives advancements forward as well as providing a range of options to consumers. iOS its apple and only apple.
      • If the consumer is well informed (as much as possible, with some people it seems it's just not possible) they can save money by just buying a low end to mid range phone that does the basics they need. If you want higher end features there is often a choice of several devices that offer different higher end features, some of which will appeal to different people. If you want the best bleeding edge tech out there you can get that too if you care to pay for it. '
      • I guess this is one aspect where I'd stress the importance of you as the salesman being as honest as you can with these things. Little can give android a bad name like ignorant consumers being sold low end products that cant meet their expectations, or oversold the highest end model when they just wanted a large(ish) screen to read txt messages. It's the consumers responsibility to be informed before they come to you, and the old addage about the salesman being the last person you should look to for advice on a product should be pretty well known, but I still dont agree with taking advantage of someone's ignorance. Unless they're a rude bastard, then F them :)
    • Generally cheaper
    • Apps tend towards being free with adds more so than iOS. This is largely due to piracy I guess, but its not like its all that hard to find a guide on jailbreaking iOS devices
    • MicroSD slots make storage expansion a lot cheaper than buying a model with higher included storage
    Freedom/Competition/abhorrence of apples business practices (a major factor for me):
    • Choice! Competition gives consumers choice, the android ecosystem allows them to use their existing apps on another manufactures device. Say samsung stops including microSD card slots, another company (HTC etc) will happily fill that market and provide what the user wants. If apple does things you dont like with their hardware and you care to move to an alternative, there is none if you dont wish to re-purchase all your apps etc.
    • Lack of the 'Walled Garden' (well, its somewhat there, but more of a curb designed to be walked overthan a wall).
      • There is a single tick box in the android options that allows you to simply copy/download an application install file (.apk) to the device and install them. If google wishes to take down applications from the 'Play' store (stupid name) they can still be obtained/distributed by other means. On apple you rely on hackers finding an exploit in iOS to allow you to 'jailbreak' it. Apple patch these and new ones must be found. Add to this the moral objection to supporting a company that forces you to do this just to have some control over a device you purchased.
      • Amazon even has their own 'Amazon Android App Store'. Apple sued them over the usage of 'app store' (and thankfully for sanity) lost. The audacity of apple in their lawsuits is staggering. They did not invent or name 'the application', nor its abbreviation. It would be like trying to own the name 'grocery store' or 'shoe store'.
    • Custom ROMs. Dont like what google has included/done with android, or what your phones manufacturer has customised? Wipe the entire OS and choose from an alternative with the components/features you want. On many phones this is feature there by design, it does not require an exploit to allow you to have full access like this. Some phones are locked as manufactures are free to do so, but there is a market for such things and hence we have the freedom to choose devices that let you.
    • Lawsuits from apple over broad concepts such as rounded corners on a touchscreen device, swiping your finger on the screen to unlock it, being minimal in asthetic etc. They seem to believe they can own entire broad concepts, even the entire touchscreen phone GUI paradigm. You cannot own concepts, only implementations and their arrogance is staggering.
    It's sad but true that seemingly for some people, choice can actually be a bad thing rather than good. Just as you can make a better choice yourself than letting another make it, you can make worse. At least when made yourself you are working from your own requirements and desires, not that of a single company you are locked into without alternative (if you wish to keep existing purchases etc).
    It does require some thought and consideration of the relative merits of alternatives, but the alternative of letting a single company control everything is far worse for long term trends of consumer freedom in their computing platforms.

    I guess in short, its not just about technical comparisons. Apple makes fine hardware and software, but for as long as they maintain their strict control over the platform (walled garden) and suing over ridiculous things purely to stifle competition, they will not get money from me. Technically some things are better on one and other things better on the other.
    Money doesn't just buy products, it supports ideas/concepts though what we all choose to buy. We all direct the market.
    A lot of people dont seem to care at all about these things, which I feel will be to all of our detriment in the long run if these concepts dominate.

    I think that's probably more than enough :P
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    ^ - Needs to post more around here. <3 'Dose nested lists.
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    Thats weird i just updated adobe flash on my phone back in december and i had thought they were moving up to html5 :/ i dont know what to believe anymore.
  13. Harsky

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    I think they're still updating for the people who installed it AGES ago but they're not allowing new installations. Then again, you can google for the APK and you'll have flash again.

    As for the Android vs iOS, I do think both have their strengths and weaknesses but I think the thing that makes Android stand out is the customization. If you're willing to spend an afternoon checking out the Google Play store, you could even make an Android look like an iPhone. Also, drag and drop for MP3s and files.
  14. Rydian

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    They're allowing new installs (they pretty much CAN'T stop it), it's updates/support that stop.
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    I'd just like to make a small point: Everyone in this thread who has mentioned screen sizes has pointed out that Android phones often have bigger screens; I wouldn't neglect that some have smaller screens. For example, I have an HTC Explorer, which has a 3.5 inch screen. I prefer this over a larger 5 inch screen or whatever on those huge phones. I simply do not need a large screen for what I use my phone for. (Although unfortunately all small screen phones seem to be budget phones with lesser specs, but mine is still perfectly fine for my needs, after a few tweaks and customizations)
  16. ilman

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    All in all,
    Androids have more custmizing abilities (both hardware and software) and are generally cheaper, while
    IPhones have more games and apps and a more optimized OS (I could name over 50 apps I want so bad on Android, but no, developers like Apple :angry: )
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    Well a smaller screen means a smaller device, which means space for less/smaller chips (thus smaller capacities for primary and secondary memory), smaller PUs (less transistors on the specific one), and less ability to vent heat (meaning lower clock speeds).
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    IMO, Android is better than IOS, no lags slow downs or anything and you can customize it your own way, also you don't need to pay up to 700$ just to get an phone with IOS
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    True, but when you take into account thickness (my phone is much thicker than stuff like the S3 or whatever), I'd say there'd still be room for some better chips etc. But then again, one of the reasons I got this particular phone was the price, so for me I can't complain too much about the specs. (My point was more for people who do want high specs, a small screen is hard to come by should you also desire it).
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    Neither is "better"

    It really depends what you want to do with it. iOS is basically a smart phone for dummies. Laid out and simple. Works like a charm.
    Android allows for customization and a more DIY feel.