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    Without the people over on the SilvaGunner Discord and /r/GiivaSunner, this wouldn't have been possible. Credit to them.

    SiivaGunner YT:
    A High-Quality video game ripping channel.

    - GiivaSunner Bandacamp uploads a new album. The description of the album hints that the album artwork needs to be darkened.

    - Darkening the contrast showed the binary string "01001001 01110000 01000101 01101101 01001111 00110011 01011000 01011010 01010101 01111010 01000001"
    This binary converts into "IpEmO3XZUzA", which leads to the video . In the video, the audio says "Last name 71 49 57 76 31 66 68 2e 6a 70 67, first name 68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 69 2e 69 6d 67 75 72 2e 63 6f 6d 2f", which is hex. Converting the hex to actual text shows an imgur link. "Last name qIWv1fh.jpg, first name"

    - The image says "Reverse Name", "what's that sound..?", "0:24", and "I SAW A DEER". "I SAW A DEER" is a high-quality reboot rip, found at this link: . If you listen closely at 0:24, you can hear the Loud Nigra scream. Take a closer look at the image, if you look hard enough, you can see a faded twitter logo. Reversing the name of Loud Nigra gives you Arginduol. Merging that with the twitter logo, the twitter account was found.

    - There are 3 videos, along with a tweet saying "god... damnit...". The videos are a series of gasps and screams, found to be morse code.

    - Video 2: OF EACH ALBUM TRACK
    - Video 3: TUMBLR

    - The 7th letter of each album track (from the album that started the ARG) spells "FlusteredFernando". We're taken to

    - There are two important posts: nathaNiel welchErt ft. albert Softie - rapping for jesans.mp3, which seems to be a corrupted mp3 file, and 7 peso pedro.rar, which contains many pictures of angry joe, but more importantly, use emulation.flac.

    - Changing the "rapping for jesans.mp3" to a "rapping for jesans.nes" allows the file to be emulated. It turns out to be a romhack of the 7 GRAND DAD bootleg, but the text modified to say "bane sPit whYFur7z" and "930 1960", the numbers referencing 9/30/1960, the airing date of the flintstones. Pic:

    - "bane sPit" was found to be an anagram of pastebin, leading to The pastebin contains the russian characters "Ищите кояıваll на канале" which is roughly translated to "Look koriball channel"

    - Searching the SiivaGunner channel for "koriball" leads to 3 videos, Rusty Bucket Bay, linking to, Invincible, linking to, and Tanks, leading to

    - Combining all of these images lead to a myspace account,

    - On snow halation, a comment is left by todouhkemep "Hiajobo! Sorry, just felt like saying that. I'm very random, tee hee! I'm, gurr, very angry that people mistreat me for that!"

    - This leads us to this imgur link. This leads us to Course Cleared - Super Mario Maker. Octal is found in the description, "067 040 151 163 040 164 150 145 040 143 141 162 144 151 156 141 154 040 156 165 155 142 145 162 056 040 117 156 154 171 040 141 143 143 145 160 164 040 145 166 145 162 171 040 067 164 150 040 167 157 162 144 040 141 163 040 146 141 143 164 056" converts into "7 is the cardinal number. Only accept every 7th word as fact." courseclear.mid is also linked to in the description. Opening the file in a MIDI vizualizer shows "dickdrawer7". Pairing that with the /u/ in the video description, we get reddit user /u/dickdrawer7, who only has one post.

    - Every 7th word was taken, giving us the words "search post on 4chan, use mirror by triumphant shitposter, last 7 characters of string is image". Searching for 'Triumphant Shitposter' on fireden shows us this post. The last 7 characters of the string is 81Vx0tp, taking us to imgur, yet again. This is a corrupted picture of Chad Warden.

    - Downloading the image and changing the extension to .zip reveals Congratulations!.jpg, the text is almost identical to an easter egg in Kanye Quest.

    Shocking that a meme channel has more depth than some triple A games.
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