1. jayminer

    OP jayminer Advanced Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    It seems the classic Blue Byte game The Settlers is coming to the DS! Since the news page is in german (couldn't find any info in gods language, english) I don't really know much about it but maybe someone who speaks german can fill in with some details?

    got some more info and it seems like it's a port of The Settlers 2 of some sort, will definitely be interesting!
  2. Tri-Z

    Tri-Z Tri z

    Nov 25, 2005
    United States
    translated by google

    THE WUSELVOLK BECOMES FLÜGGE: THE SIEDLER®: First console appearance of the structure strategy row!

    Ubisoft and its Studio Blue byte announce today the SIEDLER® for Nintendo DS™. Thus for the first time at all the SIEDLER® play appears to the row on a video game console in the 13-Jährigen history. The portable settling fun will be available in the fourth quarter 2006 in Germany and the EMEA territories (Europe, the middle east and Asia Pacific region).

    The Roman crew of a ship strikes it on an apparently uninhabited island. For surviving now an intelligent planning is necessary: Ship farmer, Förster and scouts need food and building materials. Agriculture, cattle breeding, hunt and fishing provide for the well-being of the settler people, while mines supply supply at ores, coal and gold. A flourishing economy lets the new settlement grow. Driven lurk everywhere: The island realm must be protected militarily.

    Ralf Wirsing, Studioleiter of Blue byte: „Now we offer the successful settler row in portable form to Gamern. Strategy plays are also for of Nintendo Handheld console a magnet. The play principle of the SETTLERS supports the functions of the DS in singular way “.

    The mobile settling fun falls back to the popular play mechanics of the row: The player builds buildings and connects her with roads. Is the more intelligently the way system put on, the more efficiently functions the economy. Thus the Wuselvolk is not steered directly. Instead the SETTLERS invite to watch them genüsslich the work. By employment Nintendo of the DS™ stylus is optimally used the dual screen. In the Touchscreen the administration of the settlement is organized, the Topscreen shows the alive world of the SETTLERS.

    The most important characteristics:

    - 2 campaigns: „Roman campaign “and „world campaign “
    - Suitor settling mode with all peoples against the CCU opponent
    - 30 different occupational groups and 6 soldier types
    - 4 peoples (Romans, Wikinger, Nubier and Asians)
    - Different landscapes (forests, lava, ice surfaces, sumps…) on 7 continents
    - Simplest control with Nintendo the DS™ stylus.
    - The rendition on the Touch and the Top screen can be exchanged at any time, in order to ensure simplest operation by Nintendo DS™ stylus
    - Stepless zoom shot loads for observing the wuseligen settlers in

    First console appearance of the structure strategy row!

    Nintendo DS™ offers settling fun for on the way!
  3. Tommy78

    Tommy78 Newbie

    Jun 25, 2006
    Hey Jayminer! your nickname kind of makes me think AMIGA! [​IMG]
    I was an amiga freak for years and now i love my brand new ds lite! Really cool that settlers is coming to the ds, i played that game a lot on my amiga.
    Keep the momentum going! [​IMG]
  4. CatScam

    CatScam ScamaRama!

    Apr 29, 2006
    United States
    That’s fantastic news, I hope they keep it a true RTS.
    Now if only a version of C&C or Warcraft would be released.

    & I to remember them Amiga days. [​IMG]
  5. Rev Jim

    Rev Jim Advanced Member

    Jul 11, 2005
    Never played the original, but I thought this looked prett interesting.

    Any of you guys play the DS Age of Empires release? What'd you think of it? I thought it was pretty cool, but it bored the hell out of me. Hope this is a lot better.
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