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    Apparently Avalon (not a big surprise) won the war for the continent (even though Union had more wins). I was on their official webpage searching for ways to continue playing MP. I was wondering if perhaps since they shutdown the official server if they let somebody else bring it up in Japan. Especially with the latest English patch, it explains so much more than any of the other ones did that I wish it was around when I was using a proxy server.

    So I'm encouraging people to browse around JP websites, forums, etc, since they still talk about it and see if some other company was lucky enough to get a server, or if there maybe are various other IP addresses they let people start to continue the battle.

    In any case if we could find where the server was, maybe one of us could hold MP matches once and awhile on our computers or something? If we could just find the code for where it connected you to. There might be proprietary software on the other end but if anybody speaks Japanese maybe they could ask around on the forums.

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    Man, I will not lie. I'm quite satisfied just with the translation, but play online would be a dream! :cry:

    Too bad we don't have reverse engineers like these: