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Mar 8, 2012
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You don`t know how USB works, may that be? Or you simply don`t understand what i takled about. The point i talked about was the TAX of the cpu-bandwidth when you use USB. Man, please read carefully...then think...and then you can type.

I said when you poll a USB 2-bus with 10 hz, this makes (as you said) about 600 Mbytes/Second (which is equal to your mentioned 4800 Mbits). And that is the TAX on your cpu. Since the cpu of WiiU is limited to 20 Gbytes/second. And i said that`s the theoretical max bandwidth since in reality you get a few losses because of the overhead and the procotols you use and the type of stuff you want to do.

So when you do a USB-polling of let`s say 100 HZ you allready lost ~6 Gbytes/Second (10 x 600 Mbytes/second). That´s about 33% of the WiiU cpu´s bandwidth of 20 Gbytes/second max.

And THIS is why modern Computers/PCs can get severe mouse-stuttering, if you adjust your USB 2-mouse to a 1000 Hz or even higher polling. Because an AMD/Intel processor cannot do unlimited bandwith either.

So it means, in an example the cpu is taxed about 6-7% on WiiU if you copy from one USB to another @ max speed. Since 3 + 3% cpu-tax equals 6%. That is because about ~1200 Mbytes/Second (roughly 1.2 Gbytes) is used from the 20 Gbytes/Second.

that´s all. Keep calm dude.

Did you read your linked text of "rpl2elf"? No encryption can be taken out. Because your AMD/Intel cannot do magic. No such processor can decrypt such a file in...less than ~100 years gerbilsoft.

Maybe you should learn how security works? And that there isn´t just one security-type only. The WiiU doesn´t use the generic security you find in Wii or Playstation or Xbox.

It uses software-encryption with the whole OS since the claim you made also makes no sense (no ARM9-cpu supports AES, since hardware AES was implemented in...what? ARM11 earliest? lol). And i explained above how it works. And i also said WHO is responsible for this decision (clearly Reggie, since Satoru Iwata would have never done such a "develish" thing) and why you do it this way.

True/Veracrypt-security is- because you do not know how the filesystem works the most-safe security currently on earth.

and the exact same mechanism seems to be used here. and this is why i said "bruteforcing" won´t get you far here. You better don´t start it at all.
You really don't know what you're talking about. No Intel/AMD CPU can decrypt an RPX executable because it is not encrypted in the first place.

ARM9 itself doesn't support AES, but Nintendo's ARM9-based IO-Processor (on both Wii and Wii U) does have a hardware AES engine:

Latency is not the same as bandwidth. Repeating that "USB 2.0 at 10 Hz is 600 MB/s!" doesn't make it true.

Truecrypt/Veracrypt is block device-level encryption. It works on the full block device, not individual files. I use dm-crypt/LUKS on my laptop, which is similar but implemented differently. This doesn't apply to RPX files, because RPX files aren't encrypted. Do I need to post a screenshot of the contents of an RPX file to prove that they're not encrypted?

EDIT: Attached a screenshot of a hex editor showing an RPX file. Note the plaintext strings.
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