The Return of the Return of the GBAtemp Hunger Games


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Mar 27, 2019
It's been 3 decades since the last hungry games, and my last attempt at a revival kinda fucking failed on Day 1. I'll try again and MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FUCKING CODE THIS TIME. If this doesn't work again I am going to delete the EoF.


What is the GBAtemp Hunger Games?
The GBAtemp Hunger Games uses the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator which is fully based on luck, and can get very frustrating due to your character doing the most dumb stuff and dying from it. No input is needed, so all you need to do is post to say that you're in and you're all set. The game begins shortly after everybody is in, so be sure to get your placement ensured before someone gets it first! Keep in mind this round is fully vanilla, meaning there will be no special events added. Gender has been removed in GBAtemp's Xenforo 2 update. There's only M and F in the hunger games simulator, I'm sorry enbies. Post which gender you'd like chosen for you. If none is chosen I'll randomly pick one. Nominees will have priority in being in the same districts as the person that nominated you, unless the space is already taken or the person has nominated multiple people.

also bad luck to everyone because I will DEFINITELY win and NOT DIE 5 SECONDS IN
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