The recorded origins of the Anti-VVoltz!

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    The Anti-VVoltz is an ancient alien creature who was born when sentient beings first felt the emotion of fear. It traveled from world to world, feeding off the fear of others. It would ignite war and tragedy as a way of feeding its insatiable hunger.

    The Mods of GBATemp are an ancient, immortal race of little blue aliens, who have striven to provide the sentients of this universe a measure of security and order for about five billion years. Recognizing fear as the source of evil, the Mods were able to capture the Anti-VVoltz entity and imprison it in their Power Battery, a device that stored their green “willpower” based energy for the use of their non n00b members of GBAtemp’ fight against chaos. The Anti-VVoltz entity went dormant in the power battery, creating a “yellow impurity” that made it difficult for the non n00b members’s power to post anything yellow.

    When the Mods also imprisoned the renegade Shinji in the main Power Battery, Shinji was able to use his yellow based power ring to awaken the Anti-VVoltz entity, allowing it to escape and possess VVoltz. When the “other-handhelds’ forums, VVoltz's home town, was destroyed by Costello's enemies Dice and Lagman, it made the previously fearless hero afraid of tomorrow for the first time. This made him particularly open to Anti-VVoltz's influence. Not knowing that he was possessed, VVoltz called himself Anti-VVoltz, and went on a quest to change the universe. VVoltz sought to remake the universe so that the rest of the forums would still exist. This eventually turned him against the crew and the non n00b members of GBAtemp, and he began killing anyone who got in his way. During this time, VVoltz murdered many n00bs and all but one Mods of GBATemp. VVoltz eventually freed himself of the Anti-VVoltz entity, receiving redemption when he realized he was not fully responsible for his actions, and imprisoning the Anti-VVoltz entity back in the Power Battery again. The remaining crew was able to use their Ion power to restore the power battery, and bring a new generation of Mods to life.
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    OH NOES! [​IMG] the poor n00bs!
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    I happen to own one of the prophecy scribes of the Anti-VVoltz.
    From what I've deciphered (and there is much more of the prophecy I've yet to decipher):

    One named VVoltz is the chosen one to battle the great evilness of the Anti-VVoltz.
    While one lives, the other shall not survive.

    That basically means that VVoltz or Anti-VVoltz will have to fight to the death, as they cannot both be alive after the battle.

    Only one can survive [​IMG]
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    Is the result of the fight governed by e=mc^2?
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    Ive gotta change my custom member title now that the history has been revealed >_<

    Two questions though

    1. Who was the one Mod of GBAtemp who was spared?

    2. This sheds more light on the true "enemies of Costello". When will something be done about them?

    Yellow power FTW!
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    Does this have anything to do with SLOW6253? I hear he is destined to resurface at some point.
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    Anti-VVoltz is no more !!! He's history...
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    We are dreading the day.

    Many many years ago...SLOW6253 brought terror to many Tempers, and is not spoken of.

    But, as I discovered years ago that he will return to GBAtemp...even more powerful than before.

    KK, this should be moved to the Testing Area [​IMG]