The Reality Game v0.6 (DS homebrew)

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    [​IMG] The Reality Game v0.6 (DS homebrew)
    multiplayer games collection updated
    Author of several notable homebrew games JimmyL has posted an update to his collection of multiplayer (online, on DS and over LAN) games for the DS (think a homebrew take on 42 all time classics/clubhouse games). Note it is strictly a template for games, there are no rules programmed into it.
    Game included are Scrabble (called grid DS), basic betting game framework (deck of cards), klondike solitaire, freecell, checkers/draughts, turncoat/Reversi/Othello, chess and a go board for go and related games. Online modes should work again.


    Release notes

    [​IMG] Author homepage
    [​IMG]GBAtemp download

    Thanks to for the news
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    aaa i get it