The Quotes Thread

Touko White

Jan 12, 2016
United Kingdom
These quotes can be from anywhere - shout box, IRC, Skype, Discord... wherever! As long as you were part of the conversation at the time.

Here's a good one from the shout box:
8:04 PM - DinohScene: he's 15, got another 5-10 years before he'll settle down with someone
8:04 PM - DinohScene: teenagers...
8:04 PM - VinsCool: at his early 20's he'll know what love is, I hope.
8:05 PM - Touko White: lelz
8:05 PM - Touko White: I think i know who you're talking about (that guy I forgot his username tho)
8:06 PM - DinohScene: *cough* friendzoned *cough*
8:06 PM - VinsCool: yes you know who.
8:06 PM - DinohScene: yep touko, it's that person
8:06 PM - DinohScene: no offense, but he's got even more problems then you had with cammy and me has with Cat combined
8:07 PM - Touko White: woah
8:07 PM - Touko White: that is pretty strong, then
8:07 PM - VinsCool: I'm obsessed with Freya, and nobody has to know, lol
8:07 PM - DinohScene: REALLY
8:07 PM - Touko White: lelz
8:07 PM - VinsCool: rofl
8:07 PM - DinohScene: hey, I used to have 6000 close up screenshots of Jim Halpert from the Office US
8:08 PM - Touko White: also no, i didn't take offence :)
8:08 PM - DinohScene: back then, I admitted I have problems
8:08 PM - VinsCool: lol
8:08 PM - DinohScene: now, with Cat Noir....
8:08 PM - Touko White: wtf
8:08 PM - DinohScene: I'll keep me mouth shut
8:08 PM - Touko White: XD
8:08 PM - DinohScene: cause I've got a bloody tattoo of him on me
8:08 PM - VinsCool: but Cat noir is nice!

(Also funny how I can't paste the quotes from SB that easily here compared to ABXD Boards.)

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