The Protomen

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    Bunch of pretty cool guys, if you didn't know they are a group pretty much based on the megaman story. They've got 2 albums out, The Protomen and Act II: the Father of Death. The first album was fairly rock/metal orientated, 2nd is more Musical orientated. though the best way to describe them would be Rock Opera.

    some of my more favorite songs from their selection;

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    Sounds pretty good.
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    Three albums. Many people don't acknowledge it, but they actually released a remix of their first album called the Makeup and Vanity set. It's an 8-bit rendition of the entire first album, and, although it's not my favorite, the whole thing is admirably awesome.
    The band really brings about what I feel a majority of video game inspired rock groups are only hinting at. Instead of just covering some of the greatest hits, they've actually taken a concept and brought it into life. It's inspirational, and I would be ballsy enough to rank it close to Tommy in the Rock Operas that I've experienced (close, not there, but close). Even if you're not a fan of the Megaman series, you can appreciate the creative genius that goes into the storytelling, and I've heard that they are incredible live.
    Go out, listen and find them!
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    Yeah, I was kind of sad back then because no one commented or even cared.

    Yes, The Protomen are very unique, and I love the direction they've taken with their newest record (which I named my top album of 09). It's quite intelligent music! See, now when music is all business, indie bands like The Protomen rise up and offer something so refreshing, so unconventional.

    I loved their first album, and being a fan of Ayreon and other operas, I really hoped that they take a more unified approach with ACT II. Thank God they did. This wasn't an "album of singles," this was truly a rock opera. And the production values this time around were great.

    Actually, that album was made by Makeup and Vanity Set, an electronic artist. The title of the album is "Presents... The Protomen". He remixed the album himself, and The Protomen promoted it.