The Pokemon Company has filed a lawsuit against those who leaked pre-release images of Sword/Shield

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    I never said people should be put into prison for taking pictures of the guide book. What they are being threatened with is a civil offense. So there's no possibility of jail time. What I said is that people committing felonies by pirating software should be charged and jailed for committing the felonies. Seeings as a felony is a major crime. I also never stated what I would do to anyone that would steal from me. I just stated that after I'm done with them they'd wish they were in jail. I also have no problem for advocating violence when it's necessary. I never stated what I think about the people in #metoo's plight. I simply stated that what they are now going after people for doing was completely acceptable and okay back when it was happening to them. It may or may not have been legal, but just like software pirating a lot of people in society were doing it and no one cared while most authority figures simply looked the other way. It would just be funny if in 10-20 years the next generation places the same amount of value in software that the #metoo movement now places in in women. Seeings as you're advocating for piracy you might end up in jail some day. That would be a suiting end, do you not think?
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    So we are gonna protect criminal now because Pokemon bad?
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    I told you not to. Leak it...
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    Do you think that is an accurate reading of the situation? Leaving aside that this appears to be a civil case (as opposed to a criminal one) and that nobody has been convicted of anything yet

    As it stands we saw some people obtain access to a guide book a few weeks ahead of publication. At this point we don't know if it was stolen, was deliberately leaked from people that were under contract or expectation of discretion (publishers, distributors, proof readers, their own employees, translations... that sort of thing) and the lawsuit is throwing around words dealing with the latter despite not showing any kind of evidence of this (nor any being visible -- no watermarks, no obvious hidden camera quality/angles...). Do we know one of those people did not leave it on a train* and this all stem from that? It could also just as easily have been a ROM (the Switch has been blown wide open at this point), review copy of a game and have someone poke around with the insides (how quick did we see save modders swoop in here? How quick have they traditionally moved in? Is it also not the sort of thing a competent reviewer might have noted in the first initial impressions?) but it wasn't here.

    *sometimes companies do leave things in bars, trains... as a kind of marketing ploy (new pokemon game... yawn, secret leaked info from new pokemon game... at least 40% more people saying tell me more) and I can think of few better ways to get a nice bit of self contained info out there without leaking the ROM. I would hope they are not abusing courts in this way as it backfired on them here but I have been surprised in the past.

    Nintendo or whatever their sock puppet is here alleges the leaks (of true info, presumably officially sourced, though not sanctioned at the time of release for release, at that) caused fewer people to buy the game and thus cost them money (if it is even true then how they will ever manage to generate vaguely accurate numbers for that I do not know), and now want some blood. This is viewed as somewhat dubious -- selections of a work might well still be a measure of copyright infringement (I might make an argument that it is critique of a sort or otherwise newsworthy and thus dodges some of those issues but that is harder) but at this point it is presumably only competing with an official guide (and again only a few pages). While some weeks for a movement to build up steam is nice for said movement to have whether it needs it in the modern world* is a different matter entirely -- just as we have people view films on a Thursday "pre screening" review the thing in their car in the car park outside/into a webcam when they get home, or indeed "live blog" their viewing, and in doing so see others change plans before the "opening" weekend we have people stay up all night and review games (are there really many games you can't get an impression of in a time sensitive reviewer run in about 8-12 hours? Is this one of those and even then would it matter?).

    **many years back there was a fairly famous at the time internet film... I guess these days it would be blogger (this was prior to the term gaining any real traction, even among technical people) that often had film scripts, results of pre screenings and production notes "leaked" to them. Some credited him with being able to make or break films prior to launch and the film industry generally hated him and he was in news stories on national news (how I found out about him), he carried on for years though (and possibly still does). This sort of leaking and pre release speculation has happened repeatedly for for years for all sorts of things and I have next to nothing on any kind of legal case, sanctions or similar happening, and all that I do have tends to be dealing with those. I did recall another instance after my last post, and that was Apple going after a blogger a while back when they somehow wound up with some info about a music product (not a new phone, tablet, ipod or anything, just a minor league almost accessory) and Apple got slammed for that one too.

    From where I sit the proper way to handle it was either do nothing and enjoy your pile of money or a day one patch (they presumably have all the art, all the data, all the everything already, and presumably just need to add on a few lines to a database, could possibly even have left them out of online if they did somehow care about "competitive"), even if it was not "within their artistic vision" or some nonsense like that.
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    I have no idea how all the points keep flying over your head, but no, I am not advocating piracy. I am advocating sane punishments for lawful disorder.

    Just because society one time thought that slaves were okay, it doesn't mean it was.

    Just because society one time didn't see worth in women, it doesn't mean past behavior was okay.

    Just because you think you have the right to do something worse than prison to a person stealing property doesn't mean you're standing above the law either.

    Two wrongs does not make one right, and again, it would be great if you stopped comparing women's worth to software sold by multi-million dollar companies.

    This is what I am talking about. Somewhere you think it's okay to use violence on someone, but not to find a way to eat if you can't afford food. And somehow, using violence seems to be way more okay to you than to copy a 60 dollar game. To me that's utter insanity.
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    Funny how sword and shield are climbing the sales as one of the highest grossing Pokemon games, maybe the leaks actually built hype for the game and swayed those on the fence about purchasing.

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    No mate just a new generation of pokemon fans included with the older generation of pokemon fans :D
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    Same shit happened with Sun and Moon, but since those games got mostly positive attention, TPC didn't care much about their shit getting leaked...
    Funny how people have shown before the game release that the game was gonna be crap, and TPC is blaming the leakers over it, by saying bs like "they've done us irreparable damage"?
    Bitch please, your half assed game has sold like 3 or more billion copies whatever, you've got your wooloos buying your crap no matter the quality, stfu and go die in a hole.
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    The Pokemon Company sends their little pocket monsters to eat the ones who leaked pre-release images of Sword and Shield. :rofl2:
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    Who does this actually help? Literally nobody. The only thing it does is generates animosity and backlash at "The Pokemon Company". It's not about "protecting Intellectual property" it's about getting back at some kids because you're big mad that you as a company failed to prevent a leak from happening in the first place. Pushing a lawsuit against some kids is just a waste of everyones time
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    What nonsense do you really think majority pokemon gamers even care Reading about this-do you really think majority of pokemon gamers even kno who the Pokemon Company is I bet majority of pokemon gamers think just Nintendo make pokemon
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    Lmao!! This is honestly sad, tbh. Doing this *now* after the major backlash their sword/shield cruddy game got -sigh
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