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  1. sa1amandra

    sa1amandra Gazzaro Launching!

    Aug 27, 2007
    "Common bar...FILL! FILL! FILL! NNNOOOO DON'T ATTACK ME!! ...crap" How many times have you found yourself saying THAT line when playing a turn based RPG, Final Fantasy to be exact? Well if your a turn based RPG lover, turn your head away from that game and look here, to the new turn based RPG with a twist and a god damn long name Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Saga Endless Frontier!!!! I'll be calling it SRT-EF for short because, you really want to read that name over and over again? Alright lets get into the part you actually care about, the review!!!

    The Pro's
    Alright, as most of you know, Super Robot Taisen is a game which unites different anime series of Robot pwning other Robot all into one turn based strategy game. But this time, you'll be taking the hands of Haken Browing and his quest for getting his hands on treasure, and losing his own one time only "treasure" if you catch my drift. You'll be taken up with a unique cast of characters, playable and unplayable, making a total of 7 characters in your party, 5 girls 2 guys...(perfect numbers right?). So i mentioned that this game is "unique", and excluding the fact that it's showered with over sized boobs and dirty language, it has a battle system nobody has tried before. Combining the combo juggling of any average fighting game into an RPG, you get SRT-EF's battle system. You get to manage you characters moveset, which is up to 5. In battle, press A to start your attack, and by hitting A again at the right point of that move, you can cancel your move, and it will increase something called the Frontier Bar. This bar is basically your Limit Break Bar, have it at 100%, press Y at anytime in your chain of attacks and unleash your ultimate attack! Please note that your front line, which consists of four people, share that one bar, so you can basically fill it up to 50% by canceling a lot on one character, and do the same for the next and unleash it all on one go. Speaking of "one go", if another team mate is right after the current character going, you can press the right button on the d-pad at any time in the combo to switch place with the current character to continue the juggle, so long as the enemy does not touch the floor. With a proper sense of timing and a bit of luck, you can pull off up to 100+ hits and 100000+ damage, crazy right? The battle system isn't all the good your going to get out of this game, but the story, sound and half of the graphics are great. For the story department, I'm not just telling you it's excellent, and I'm not just saying that because the dialog turns on half of it's players, but the story is very cliff-hanging and strives you to continue to slowly unravel the the truth behind it all. You will be constantly at the edge of your seats not only in battle, but in story to!!! The sound is excellent SRT-quality, custom songs for each character and dungeon, and occasionally, custom music for bosses. Graphic wise, i say it's half good for a good reason, so since this is the pro's area, i'll state the good. In battle, you fighters are in full detailed stature with detailed moves, and same goes with the enemies. There's also short anime sequences (like 3 seconds) which kick off in a Frontier attack or a special attack to add to the already good, effects of the game. The character models when speaking are also great, it almost meets up with the Ace Attorney series in character models!
    [Those are just ONE of many things good about this game]
    Unique Battle System
    Great story telling
    Battle Sprites and Dialog Sprites are amazing
    Sound is killer awsome

    The Con's
    Lets move back to graphics...In battle is spectacular, but in overworld is...SNES quality. I don't find that disturbing, but those who are addicted to 3D, or beautiful 2D graphics, it's just not there. I find it odd that they didn't make the overworld better, considering what they did with the in battle sprites. It's basically a field in an average SRT game, without the grid, more detailed environments, and a taller sprite for Haken (who, if i may note, the only person you can control outside of battle). Another thing i found annoying in SRT-EF is the constant need for grinding, you can't win without grinding thanks to the battle system. If your not at the minimum level expected to fight a boss, you will barely scratch the boss or the minion, while it takes you out in one hit. Since the combo system is in place, just one full combo and your dead, and a frontier attack does not even need to be used. It's pretty damn annoying. Though the story is good, it ALWAYS tells you directly what to do next, no need for exploration or trail and error (even though thats good sometimes). The story tells you where to go, and the environment does to. There are only a few paths you can take, and if it isn't the right path your suppose to take at the moment, the game will find a way to keep you out. Speaking of overworld, overworld lacks a save function. There are 2 ways to save. Go to a city and save or find a save point at the entrance of the dungeon. While cities are still in my head, it lacks the ability to actually roam one and talk to it's citizens, though that is not much of a major flaw, i played many FFs to not like it.
    [Laziness alert]
    Overworld Sprites are to underlevel
    Needless grinding
    Way to linear
    No overworld saving

    Final Verdict
    It's a great game with a few nit-picky flaws. Most games have that problem, and with nit-picky problems, expect a squeal! And if there is, i'll be there to throw you a review

    Story: 8.5 (Storyline and Dialog)
    Design: 7.9 (Graphics/Artwork/Sound)
    Gameplay: 9 (Controls)
    Presentation: 8.5 (Uniqueness and Originality)

    Total - 84.75% (Go for it!)
  2. IzzehO

    IzzehO GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 3, 2008
    Definitely a decent review. However you failed to mention they didn't bother to dub the battle voices - something that bugged the crap out of me. I really liked the battle system of this game despite there being no challenge whatsoever - simply had to heal. heal. heal. use com item. heal. heal. heal. attack. rinse. repeat. Made it very easy. Not to mention as you pointed out how linear the story is...
  3. Jaems

    Jaems GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Aug 21, 2007
    United States
    Tried this game because the battles looked cool and there were nice bewbs.

    What probably drew me away was the HORRENDOUS PRESENTATION.
    The menu graphics, and text are just so hideous, as are the profile sprites.
    Also, the game seemed really unpolished.

    Also the art sucks and the game cover looks like it was done by a 10-year-old using Photoshop for the first time.
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