The past year and the next

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    Hey guys. Well i just got some really old pictures from a party my klass had about a little more than a year ago...well when i saw them i got so many flashbacks and it made me realise how long ago that really was and how much you really do evolve in only one single year. Not only fysically but mentally aswell...dunno might have just been that this year was really big and that a lot of things happened just in one year by chance but i think every year is like this really....if i think back i really have evolved a heck of a lot each year that has passed but i just haven't realised it...some might think one year really flies by while some might think it's slow as hell...or sometimes you might feel bothxD Well anyways i realised that a lot of stuff really does happen in one year...and that you never should underestimate time...and i was just wondering if you guys ever have thought back about a year and learned new things about yourselves and so forth. And if so then please share your experiences and what you've learned etc.

    Oh and if you haven't tried it you really should [​IMG]
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    My wife left me this year (and who doesn't know that by now?) so I've been sorting out all of our financial records.
    I'm seeing a lot of receipts from stuff we did together and it's really sad.
    As big of a jerk as she's being, and believe me you don't know the half of it, I still miss her as I look back.

    ..BUT, tonight was my first night in community college, doing pre-tests and putting in the hours so I can get my GED.
    I'm aceing 'em all so far... looks like I'll have a bit of trouble in math, but I've been studying and by my estimates I'll have my GED in two weeks.
    That means 100% more job opportunities for me.

    The past is behind me, the future to the fore. Maybe, just maybe, if you ask the same question next year, I can say "Yes, I evolved like a muthaf..."

    Onward through the fog baby!