The owner of Owlboy created a fan made trailer called Chrono Break (just for fun)

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    Does anyone know this? Just found this on Tumblr on my phone. So this should be add on Site News, but it admin's decide to accept this information.

    This game is seem most likely Chrono Trigger series and it seem base on Chrono Trigger graphic. You will see this video and picture.




    Here is owner of Owlboy written about this game.

    Owner of Owlboy wrote this

    It up to deicde for owner of Owlboy to create this game. He said just for fun. What if it isn't fun? What if it does turn to game? Therefore, there is no release about this game or just for fun. We will wait until owner of Owlboy decide it. It will be nice if we keep playing more Chrono Trigger series. Last time they create Chrono Trigger series is Chrono Cross. That is last stop we heard from Square Enix. If Square Enix accept this game, then we are pretty sure we will be happy and owner of Owlboy will be super exciting to keep him motivation to develop this game. We will wait until their answer. We don't know which timeline this will be. It after Chrono Cross or it right between Trigger and Cross? Who know?

    For now, let hear your opinion about Chrono Break.
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    I think you misread it: the way I read it, where he says "this is made only for fun" he meant that exactly like that: the fun of creation. It's the game equivalent of what fan fiction is to novels. No...wait: it's a game MOCKUP. He doodles with some images, potential art, jams a bit with a musician (Jonathan Geer also did the owlboy soundtrack*). However, it's at best a sketch of what might eventually become a game, but certainly nowhere near a game to begin with.

    And unless square enix gets him on board**, it won't become more than a concept. Things that are made for fun rarely survive R&D letters.

    *also a few other games like cook, serve, delicious. The guy can create great music :)
    **this could be seen as a hidden application at SE, though I've got no idea he means it like that
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    As stated above, it's just a fun visual project made. No gameplay, no intended game release, just a trailer to impress.
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