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The OFFICIAL Song Sharing Thread - Rules and Custom Songs


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Mar 24, 2019
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:!: HOLD UP! Before posting ANY custom songs, you are required to read this post first.

:!: ALSO! This is for CUSTOM SONGS ONLY. Hacks that modify the game itself, including altering stages, characters, expressions, etc. should be discussed outside of this thread.

How to Upload and Post Songs

Congratulations on becoming a Rock Band custom song author! Do you want to share it with the WORLD? Then you've come to the right place! This is the thread where you can actually post any of your great songs!

First of all, you need to make sure that it works. Make sure your custom song works on the desired platform BEFORE even considering sharing it. It would just stink for you to have gone to the trouble of posting it somewhere, and then have a bunch of people be like "Why doesn't this work? Did I do something wrong?!?" So fully test your custom on the target platform before uploading, and don't take the easy way with an emulator! You want to make absolutely sure that it works well.

Secondly, you need a place to store it. We don't recommend hosting it from your own computer, unless you want a bunch of strangers on your system! Instead, use a cloud-based service. I personally use MEGA, but you can also use Google Drive or ZippyShare. Make sure to read their terms before uploading, as some cloud services are a bit wary of software uploads. Currently, we are not accepting links to Rhythm Gaming World or C3 Universe in this thread. Posts in this thread that contain such will either be edited to remove such links, or deleted altogether. If you want to post C3-related links, please start a new thread or post in an existing thread that allows such links.

Lastly, post your link! Share your songs within this thread, or if you want a dedicated thread for a song series, start a new one with the prefix Custom Songs - (your series title here).

Tips on a Good Song Post

  • Make sure to include the original song title, artist, album, and year. If it is a cover, then tell us who is covering the song, also.
  • If you have images, or better yet video, of the song being played, then please include them.
  • For those with album covers, you can post them (so long as they are SFW - the censored album cover version of Black Crowes' "Amorica" comes to mind).
  • Try not to break up info on a single song, even if updating it - keep it all in one post. Edit the post if you want to add something about that song. It's okay, however, if you want to link to multiple songs in the same post, so long as you have the relevant info on them.

If you own the copyright for any custom song, you are welcome to post your copyright info and explain how people can use your custom. Do NOT make false claims; doing so will get you kicked from this group! We try to check every song thoroughly, and any material that is not a custom song, contains misleading info, or contains illegal content, will be unlinked and the offending posts deleted.

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