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    Jul 30, 2016
    Have you always put of a game you wanted to play for years?
    Is there a game everyone else has played but you?
    Rumor has it there are still people who have never played Tetris, Super Mario or Call of Duty.

    This is the thread for you. Share your impressions of games you've finally come around to try (it doesn't have to be a well-known game).

    I go first:
    The latest Smash Bros trailer inspired me to finally play Castlevania for NES. Never tried the series before (except Judgement on Wii but that's a different genre).
    What can I say... some of the best experiences I have had on NES. Despite the gameplay/controls being somewhat stiff, it is very addictive. Great atmosphere, varied backgrounds and absolutely amazing music (not just the first theme everybody knows... the composer is a Japanese woman who used the alias "James Banana"). I'm now eager to try the other entries in the series, however, I might sure whether I should really give Simon's Quest a chance... after knowing about all its negative aspects (AVGN).
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