The Official I have a modded Wii and I want VC titles now WTF thread

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Azadar, Apr 25, 2008.

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    First off may I make a suggestion to the GBATEMP staff please make a separate section for Wii VC titles as it seems there are like 20 a day right now we are digging back even hours later to find Wii releases not VC releases.

    Ok on Topic..

    It seems the whole VC thing is taking off like crazy and everyone including myself is LOST in all the updates and how-to's..

    I do not mind writing how-to's to help people out but Im myself lost right now. I have a modded Wii (cyclowiz) I tried to follow the instructions on these forums but they are assuming your using the twilight hack and those with Modchips do not need to use them, as I do not own Zelda as I sold it off after completing it in a week.

    So is there a set of instructions to tech those with Modchips how to get VC games from your region onto the Wii? Mines an NTSC for the record.

    I tried using the signature Trica program only to have it EVERYTIME say corrupt data on 4 different working ISO's regardless of the Key I choose so I gave up after that.

    Is there a completed ISO released that will do that part!?

    Please forgive me if Im acting like a Newb but I have read these forums and there are now different versions of the WAD tool, homebrew installer and others that people just expect you to have already understood the issues get the first ones working.

    If someone points me in the right direction I will write up simple instructions for getting VC games with video's on your Wii..