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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by ceraphis, May 1, 2007.

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    100 posts+shoutbox FTW.

    Now that thats outta the way, I have a question for all you R4 owners that's been bugging me.

    I've until recently thought that my DS-peripheral buying days were over with the G6 Lite. Honestly, the thing that bought me over when considering what cart would make me most happy after an SC-CF, M3 miniSD and SC-Lite was the Icons for GBA and DS and the touchscreen functionality (even though that sucked). I liked it so much that I even made several GBA icons for the games that didn't appear to have one associated with it in the G6 patching software, and bundled up DS and GBA icons on my website for all to share in icon-ish goodness that made me happiest with the G6 Lite. I also like the whole perfectly flush look and changeable colors of the G6 lite that contrasted with the almost-perfect unchangeable color of the SC-Lite that didn't go well with m black DS Lite and still doesn't go that well with my GF's pink DS.

    Anyways, here's the long-awaited point of this already long-winded post. I'd like to know how smooth, good looking and anything else you can think of that makes the R4 interface so seemingly good in everyone's eyes. For the G6lite+R4 owners out there, are there any comparisons you can make between the R4 and the G6-lite's interfaces? Obviously, GBA icon support is not of concern because of course the R4 doesn't support GBA.

    In seeing screenshots of the R4 interface, especially those of the beautiful skins by TheSpade, I get the following impression: It appears to be very similar to the way the M3 slot2 interface is(was? has there been an update?), almost like a mixture of the M3 slot2 and moonshell textual interface on the top screen with the additional, much to my delight, benefit of the other (bottom) screen showing the game's icon and its title.

    Of course, the whole reason I'm asking this of y'all R4 owners is because there's a certain level of functionality that isn't evident in a screenshot. Such as the speed between booting (flashme'd for me) and getting to the list selection, and how it is scrolling through the games. For all I know, it might take half a second just to press down to see the next game's icon or something, or the icon's might not show up until you select them. I really think the G6's interface is really solid and appealing, and would love it if the R4/M3DSS interface was just as speedy even if you don't get to see a 4-icon-per-page list of games that I've come to know and love. I actually expect that even after getting an R4/M3DSS (assuming I do), I'll probably store some of my favorite DS games on the G6, maybe 4 or 8 to keep it simple and 1-2 pages worth, just because I like the interface and the instant-booting-to-game-list features of the G6 lite.

    On a final note, based purely on aesthetics and fluidity(interface-wise), considering how its important to me as you no doubt have realized from this post, are there any differences between the R4 and the M3DSS? It appears as if no matter how alike these two mysteriously similar cards are, the M3DSS casing appears to be more visually appealing and so does the functionally-unimportant splash screens.

    Any other considerations such as a warning screen like the M3 miniSD has whilst the G6lite has not?
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    The loading times are pretty fast, the icons is shown almost instantly, there is no lag when scrolling and skins are very easy to make (I made the skin i'm using now in Paint lol)

    The R4 and M3 have different stickers, which you don't see
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    The R4 menu is very speedy and clutter free. I find it to be very functional however the features are scattered around a bit. For example the brightness changer and reset to R4 menu switch are in the file browser, but you change the skin by pressing select in the main menu and the eBook reader is accessed by pressing select in the file browser.
    Although this may sound bad it's not, however I hope the R4 Team moves some of the settings to a dedicated settings and options area.
    The skinning functions are quite good however you can't skin the little dialog boxes which are always pale grey.
    The R4 automagically skips the Health and Safety screen after around 2 seconds without FlashMe, I don't have FlashMe so I can't compare this.
    I would go with the R4 over the M3DS Simply because the R4 gets firmware updates sooner and has better support for the technical side of the card. I don't understand what you mean by "functionally-unimportant splash screens" because there aren't any splash screens I've come across while using both devices (that said I havn't actually used my M3DS Simply for a while)

    - Sam
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    Mar 15, 2007
    I'd say it's about the same. I've been using flashme v7 and I just upgraded to v8a for the nifty no autoboot feature so I can use my sclite properly.

    I'd say the r4 is skinnable enough and its "blazing fast" menu rather compensates for the multitudes of buttons you'd have to press to do something specific. Hey, I'd rather be stuck pressing buttons doing something rather than wait around for something to load.

    Also, I'd go for the r4 over the m3dss any day because I don't want something named simply and r4 sounds cooler (even though m3 is a beamer)
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    I think I was just plain wrong about the splash screens, it is probably just the default top skin before you modify it?

    thanks for the replies

    I don't mean to incite a flame war, but even though this is in the R4 section, does anyone know how the new supercard ds1 features work, meaning enough to get a scds1 RIGHT NOW (if I didn't feel like waiting for an r4 update) or anything? Any supercard FW 2.0 users browsing this that also have R4/M3DSS experience that can say what the big deal is with the 2.0 features?

    Finally, regards to R4 icons, is there ever a choice to list games with all their icons visible, ala G6 lite menu? Or are the icons only shown on the bottom when you cursor over the name in the top screen?
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    "Finally, regards to R4 icons, is there ever a choice to list games with all their icons visible, ala G6 lite menu? Or are the icons only shown on the bottom when you cursor over the name in the top screen?"

    It might be in an update(there's not much to improve with perfect* compatibility and good skinning), but that isn't there now.

    *1(maybe 2) games depend on quality of card, most need a card that doesn't totally suck

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    I've had my R4 for almost a week now, and I like it TONS better the the G6 lite I had for the last year. The interface is more speedy and even has a cool fade effect when going from the ROM list back to the main screen. Skinning it is easy. I like how both screens are used, unlike the usless top screen on the G6. I hated how the G6 made you wait while it backed up saves when turned on. The built in cheats are way cool. If you are happy with the G6, order the R4 NOW! You will be much happier!