The Moonshell Doesn't Work After Uprgrading Guide

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    OK so you just upgraded firmware on your R4 DS and now Moonshell doesn't work OMFG! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] . What do you do? Well i'll tell ya. Go get ur microsd card reader out (or whatever the hell you use) and go into your microsd and delete the _DS_MENU.SYS file repeat delete the _DS_MENU.SYS file not the _DS_MENU.DAT. Then put your microsd card back in your R4 and boot her up test Moonshell and Voila problem solved [​IMG]
    The reason for this is that the R4 creates a decompressed (or something alike) file of the _DS_MENU.DAT file and when you uprgrade your R4 it goes WTF IS THIS SHIT! [​IMG] and doesn't let you boot up Moonshell
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    I'm pretty sure most already know this, but if the paragraph is cleaned up a bit it might be more helpful.
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    I tried this, and yeah, it worked...the first time i booted my DS.
    The second time, Moonshell started freezing again. [​IMG]
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    Well i will say that i never have tried this before.

    Ive been upgrading since v1.06 and ive never had any problems with moonshell