The Moon Books Project

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    Jul 24, 2006
    The Moon Books Project

    The Moon Books Project is in the process of re-launching as a full featured website.

    For those who are not familiar with The Moon Books Project, the goal is to release classic literature onto the Nintendo DS. With the popularity of brain enhancing software such as Big Brain Academy and Brain Age, it's about time someone released something to not only enhance the mind, but to expand the users knowledge based.

    That is where we come in.

    At the moment there is no official contact with any official developers, so we are using commonly available 'homebrew' software for the Nintendo DS to make it possible to have your very own personal library in the palm of your hand.

    Available books are among some of the greatest, most enlightening, and most entertaining in the world. Everything from Shakespeare to The War of the Worlds. From such diverse topics from science fiction to religion, and we're just beginning to reach the tip of the ice berg.

    Feel free to consider the above a press release, and copy and paste it to every website that is appropriate.

    Founder and Webmaster of The Moon Books Project
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    I first saw this a while back in December. The website looked better back then (A lot less stuff on it, and it just looked cleaner and simpler) but now there's more stuff on it. No matter, it still serves its purpose well.
    Still, keep up the good work! This is very useful if you travel a lot and like to read, especially with the new readmore homebrew.